Saturday, September 16, 2006

Roll Call

Okay...let's take stock. I've finished a few things lately, and I have the urge to count heads at the orphanage.

Recently finished:

Alpaca Prayer Shawl...hooray!!
Pink Handpainted Yarn Cable Sweater
Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Baby Hat (okay, that kind of snuck in there)

Recently terminated:

The Ugly Betty Sock. I'm not frogging it. It can be a sample. But I have no intention EVER of knitting the second.
Lace-edged Cardi. That's gone. Needed the yarn for something else. And no, I haven't started that thing yet.
Cat's Meow bit of scarf. Gone. Yarn rolled up and back in stash
Striped sock that was nearly finished. Alas it is getting frogged. I want to make a pair that fits H, and I do not want to keep knitting more and more pairs of the same kind of socks.

Two new projects that showed up at the door and asked to stay:

Mondial Kross Camo Jacket (impulse buying...sigh...)
Mister Joe, that sly devil.

See how they grow...This is Joe now that I have knitted one ball of yarn. He's looking good, and he's made a request.

Beads! That's right. Joe wants beads. The feather and fan shawl really will need a fringe (Joe told me), and the fringe will need beads (Joe happened to mention). That sneaky Joe. It wasn't enough that I spent my money on him, invited him into my home and gave him something to do. Now he wants beads. I've told him fine, but he has to share. He can't hog all the beads to himself.

This Icona item has been getting some of my time lately too. Now two balls long, eight to go. It will either be a wrap or a poncho when it's done. I haven't decided yet. But no beads. I don't need another uppity project right now. Oh and Sam, I want to hear how yours went. You know who you are!

I've also made some progress on the black Katrina v-neck. The back is done, and I'm six inches up the front thanks to a long wait in a pizza place last night.

Stay tuned. This site ain't called "See Jayne Knit" for nothing!


junior_goddess said...

Hey Jayne-I've noticed two different locales for your Joe shots-is the indoor or outdoor Joe the best representation of the colorway? He's pretty uppity-if you team him with another yarn, you can squash that demanding tone right out of him! ;-)

jayne said...

Good question...I checked, and both the indoor shots (yesterday and a few days ago) are the best rep. The outdoor one is a bit cartoonish, brings out the kid in him, I guess.

Mmmm...I like that idea of teaming him up with something else. I figure I'll let him have his head with this shawl, but I will have extras....possibilities....