Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a BAG!

And I'm not referring to my mother. Well...not this time. Nor am I referring to the person who pissed me off yesterday. Okay, I'm sort of referring to that person, and I'm still grumbling about it and muttering. Only one thing for that. As soon as I've finished posting this, I'm going for a walk.

But first, the bag...

Remember that Cat's Meow yarn? The stuff that was in my orphan pile along with a snack-sized scarf? Well, I scarfed the scarf, so to speak, and was about to chuck the lot back into my stash bins when Elann posted a new yarn called Vibe by Berroco. Checked the free pattern site at Berroco and found a cute backpack purse pattern called "Vale." The light bulb went on that the Vibe yarn had the same basic properties as my Cat's Meow, and lo, a bag was born.

I liked this Cat's Meow when I first saw it at Wally-World a year or so ago. It was pricey for a WW yarn. Can't remember. $7.99 comes to mind. Then the company folded, and the yarn dropped in price a few times until it was irresistable. It's got a thick/thin roving strand that makes up the bulk of the yarn, and a binder of what looks like sweat-shirt stitching.

The stuff proved difficult to match up with a pattern. It was inconsistent and even incoherent when knitted. I'm not explaining that. But it's perfect for the Vale backpack. I knitted it up loosish on 10mm needles. Used exactly six balls of yarn (exactly how much I had) and felted it. I loved what happened in the felting process. It felted itself into a tight, compressed version of the knitted item. It pulled together all the bumps and inconsistencies, and came out shapely and strong. But it did not lose the knitted look. It looks semi-felted.

I did not have enough yarn to make the iCord drawstring, but who wants to knit an iCord anyway? I braided together some thick black leather cord and raided my bead stash. Mr Joe generously donated a bunch of beads to the cause. I think the beads and the black cord really make the bag.

H graciously modeled it for me. We've agreed that it should get stuffed full of goodies and go to a certain favorite niece/cousin in the family for Christmas.

Now I'd better get out for that walk so that I can meet H at the door with a smile and a grilled cheese sandwich when she comes home for lunch today.


Jean said...

Awesome, Jayne. I agree... the cord and beads really work it!

Les said...

Really cut back pack, Jayne! It'll be a great gift - good idea to fill it too!

junior_goddess said...

I like the "lemons out of lemonade" aspect of this project, Jayne. The finished bag doesn't look like unloved yarn!

benne said...

You sure whipped that up fast, Jayne. It looks great, love the beads and the fact that you put stash to such a good use.

jayne said...

I worked my fingers off knitting it all day Sunday. A bit obsessive about it (just wanted it done?). Then yesterday I hardly felt like knitting anything. A lesson to be learned, maybe. In any case, you're totally right JG, "lemons out of lemonade." And the lemonade turned out decent, to my great delight.

SooZ said...

That pack is GORGEOUS. I'm impressed. The yarn and pattern is a showstopper.


CatBookMom said...

Junior Goddess said it perfectly. And now I'm inspired to think of new ways to use those 'what was I thinking?' yarns.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see that felting worked well for this yarn. I bought a boat load of it at $.25 a skein, too irrestible to pass up. Now I know what I can do with it and I can't wait to get started. Your felted bag is so cute. Thanks for posting it.