Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Launching my Babies

You must promise not to tell my son Colin that I referred to him as one of my babies. I discovered that it was excellent payback and highly entertaining for me to call him "my bayyyyyybeeeee" in as sacharine a voice as possible, whenever he was being a pill. As only a smelly 13-year-old can be. His full body cringe was always more than recompense for the stress of being near him at times like that.

Until he learned to give it back in kind.

"Dear sweeeet mommmmmmy..." he would croon unctuously. I was totally unprepared for the wave of revulsion that ran through me.

Now we've both agreed to a moratorium on that kind of thing.

I sent him off to school today -- his first day of high school. A wake-up call for me, since I used to teach grades nine and ten. Grade nine. Doug took him on the public bus route a few weeks ago, so that he could get there and back by himself. This morning I sat down with him at breakfast and talked him through the procedure for finding his home room. I handed him his bus-fare, and opened the door. He stopped, turned awkwardly toward me, and said, "well...good-bye." Up to that point, I had been businesslike. On-task. Then I kissed him and closed the door, completely unprepared for the range of emotions I suddenly felt. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

In other news, I got a lovely package in the mail today. Patterns and yarn I had ordered from KPixie. They had a deal on a kit with three skeins of Blue Sky bulky alpaca and a pattern. I had to buy a few other patterns as well...just couldn't resist that baby hat. Actually, a bit of a confession here. I want the hat for myself. Shhhhh....don't tell anyone. The pattern comes with three sizes, one of which should fit my pin-head just fine.

I've been hearing nothing but wonderful things about Blue Sky Alpaca products, and finally I know what all the fuss is about. I'm already plotting how to sneak more of this stuff into my house. My orphans will lynch me if I don't get a few of them "launched" before tucking into this luscious alpaca...so I promised to finish at least two of them before touching anything else. I'm not even allowed to swatch it until then. I should go put a bag over its head, so I won't be distracted.

On the needles today:

Still plugging away on the last sleeve for this lovely baby. K2 P2 K2 P2 K2 P2 blah blah blah. Hoping to post a finished objet de tricotage a demain.

Of course...there were a few other highly tempting patterns in that KPixie package, but I'm keeping mum about them for now. And then there is this blog, another recently launched baby. Having a lot of fun, and enjoying my visitors.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bri McStan said...

I am glad that you are livin' it up in blogland. I totally knew you would love it, with how you like to write and with as many talents as you have. It's the perfect way to share and connect in the digital era. Anyhow, it all looks good and I got you properly linked off my blog.

Welcome-- officially!

Jean said...

*I'm* sitting here sobbing! lol. They grow too fast. Way. to. fast.

Les said...

Hey - but he's a "beautiful" smelly 13 yr old boy! ~ and don't tell him I said that!

jayne said...

He's pretty dear. Think we'll keep him around for a few more years.

junior_goddess said...

And did he survive the first day? He's a cutie, I imagine he'll be getting phone calls soon!

jayne said...

He did indeed! He went off with more confidence today.