Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet My Orphans Part II

If you missed the first batch, check yesterday's post.

My oldest orphan. I started knitting three years ago June and had such success in the first month or two that I decided to leap into DK weight yarn. This is the back of a mock neck shell I planned to give to my sister for Christmas...that year. She doesn't know, so I'm not getting nagged. I didn't like knitting with the yarn, but maybe I could give it another try this year.

Icarus Shawl from IK Summer/06, done in Elann's Canapone hemp. This one is recent and just waiting for summer holidays to end so that I can get my brain back. I need my brain for counting the lace pattern.

My first fair isle. In teeny tiny Elann Devon. Love that yarn! The bigger item is a hat that I worked on to practise two-fisted fair isle. The other item wants to be the cover sweater from IK Fall/06.

The bag needs its i-cord handle, and the hedgie needs stuffing. H has already applied to be the hedgie's legal guardian.

Cropped Cabled Cardigan with a checkered past. I saw the pattern in VK Fall/05 and had to have it. I had never cabled, but VK assured me that it was an ideal first cable project, so I launched in. What VK failed to mention was that the pattern, especially the cable chart, was full of errors. I assumed the fault was mine and ripped it out again and again, each time going back to the internet to learn more about cabling. Finally I had learned enough to realize the fault was in the pattern. I re-wrote the cable chart to suit myself and did the two sleeves and one front. When I hit the same sort of problem on the back, I gave up in despair, and put the whole thing into time-out to keep myself from terminating it on the spot.

Another recent cast-on. I want one of those snug-fitting British private school type vests to wear over t-shirts.

Katrina v-neck sweater. It is deep black, despite the sunshine in this pic. Another hot deal from Elann. The vest above, this sweater and the two that follow are on the fast-track to my fall and winter wardrobe. Expect plenty of action on those items in the next weeks.

Schoeller-Stahl Micro Cable in "Chili." The pattern is "Cables in Chamonix" from Yarn Girls Beyond the Basics, but I'm going to make it v-neck instead of turtle.

Now this is the project that is getting ALL of my attention these days. It's from an advertising insert in VK Fall/06. I'm using Handpainted Yarns six-ply chunky merino, and it is the softest darn stuff ever. Feels as soft as cashmere next to bare skin.

I actually found two more items when I was culling out yarn: one sleeve of a jacket to be made with Schoeller Stahl Excellent, and half of a poncho knit in a variety of denim plain and novelty yarns. Oh yeah, and there is one I can't talk about 'cuz it's a surprise for someone.

Whew! That's it for orphans...don't get me started talking about my Stash...

Good-night you princes of Maine, you kings of New England!


catbookmom said...

Wow, what a lot of WIPs! Just like you, of course, so quick and talented a knitter as you've become in so short a time.

Just got back from Michaels, with 3 different colorways of the new Patons SWS yarn. My friend J saw the pale pink I'd found a couple of weeks ago, and called me from the store to say all the colors were restocked. Zoom, zoom, zoom; I was THERE! and grabbed Geranium, light blue and navy. J got Plum and Earth, so we now have all of 'em between us. More colors, less cost with a friend to divvy the goodness!

OK, now to grab a needle and do the eeny-meeny-miney-mo bit. VBG!

jayne said...


Yay about the Patons. I love geranium, plum and earth the best. Have enough denim and navy to make a scarf for donkey-man. How will you ever choose???'re so good for my self-esteem.