Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meet Mr Joe

I'm having a bad day. I woke up to discover that my lower back was all locked up. It happens. It hurts. I hate it. I also have a sore throat, but I don't think I'm getting sick. That happens too. I'm tired and grouchy, and I had to take the kids to the orthodontist. An hour and a half and two meetings with the ortho to discuss strategy later, we're in the elevator heading back down to the car when "SCHLUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!!!"

My darling son has a new appliance in his mouth. It is making his mouth water something fierce, and every fifteen seconds he makes this loud slurping noise that makes my whole body cringe. My nervous system is touchy at the best of times, and the day hasn't begun well, but this feels like the last straw. I know he can't help it, but tell that to my body chemistry as it reacts bitterly to the jarring noise for the next twenty-five minutes until we drop him off at school. Someone else's problem for a while. But I'm stuck with the shakes for the next hour or so.

I arrived home to discover a gentleman caller on my doorstep. Seems he had been waiting patiently for about two hours for me. I wasn't feeling hospitable, but I invited him in. He introduced himself as Mister Joe, sent from Elann Yarns, as per my order on Monday. Strange name for a yarn, I thought. Stranger still that I had eight balls of "Jazz" and only two of "Grasslands." I though I had ordered five of each. I checked my account and discovered that no, the mistake was mine. Fine. Jazz is pretty, and if he promises to behave himself, Mister Joe can stay. But NO slurping.

The purple/turquoise balls are "Jazz" and the green ones are "Grasslands." CatBookMom from Elann chat posted a free patterns site this morning. If I wasn't feeling so shitty, I'd include the link here. I found a pattern for a cozy feather and fan shawl, and asked Mister Joe if he'd like to try that on for size. Seems good so far.

I finished the back of my black Katrina last night and did the ribbing on the front this morning at the ortho. Also got a few more inches done on my alpaca prayer shawl. The orphans aren't grumbling too much even if I am. Maybe I'll just go to bed and hope for better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I had one of those slurp-y things too. It takes awhile for those salivary glands to get used to that apparatus but they eventually do and the slurping does subside. Hang in there. Thanks for the swatch posting--it is lovely. Some may jump in my basket with that Cuzco tomorrow! Hope your feeling better!


CatBookMom said...

Gorgeous colors! I think there's still some Grasslands if you decide you want more. I send you huge amounts of sympathy for the back pain. Been there, had that, still have it sometimes. And the slurping, oy! And you're paying $$$ for it, too. Not fair.

Feel better!

Grace Yaskovic said...

i understand everything you said, back pain, been there done that, often, sore throat pain, why I am up at 5:10 A.M.eastern time, and the jumpy nerves my hands have been shaking since Sunday, I really hope you feel better I think my grasslands may come today but I only ordered 3 skeins not enough for a shawl

Bri McStan said...

Feel better, Jayne. Looks like Mister Joe will help take the edge off things.

Anonymous said...

hi jayne -
looking through your blog i saw that you used that icona yarn to start making a shawl / scarf. i have a bunch of that yarn in my stash and need a pattern to make with it - any chance i can get a copy or you can tell me where you got the pattern? thanks

Les said...

Ugh!! that slurpy sound! Had 2 kids with braces and various appliances and remember it well! Just used to make me cringe. But as Kelly says, it DOES stop after a while and you can take them out in polite company! Am awaiting my Mr. Joe... Looks great!

Daryl said...

Sorry about your back, at least with Mister Joe you can get distracted with something relatively mindless and lovely as it grows. Thanks for posting the swatch, you made me feel MUCH better about my indulgence. Now I may have to go back for more. DD#2 has one of those slurpy thing, and the drooling and speech impairment do resolve...eventually. Daryl

benne said...

Yikes! It set MY teeth on edge just reading about the slurping sounds. Hope your back feels better quickly-no fun at all. But your Mr. Joe is a lot of fun.

jayne said...

Thanks for all the kind support. I really appreciate it! :)