Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Got Stuffing?

Let us be happy for Hedgie...

Hedgie has found a family

Good night, Hedgie!

Look who was all posing for the camera this morning. "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. de Mille."

I finally got that hedgehog stuffed, sewn up and delivered to its happy new owner. It was on her bed making nice with the other cuddly pals when she got home from school. And then I washed a few sweaters with a Lavalan soak in the washer and spin cycle. Sure beats handwashing! The shocking-pink has been washed and blocked, now drying. The merino came out even softer (happy sigh) after the wash, and the cables relaxed in a pleasing manner. Now if the weather would just hurry up and cool off already.

Been getting some yummy things in the mail lately. I think I mentioned that I have a nervous tic when it comes to merino. My finger tends to stab the "Buy Now" button reflexively. Elann posted this bulky Mondial Kross wonderfulness, and they had an eeny bit of camouflage colourway. Stab. Now I have it, and a book of super fun patterns to go with. Perfect for Instant Knitting Gratification. The back is done already. The sunshine on this photo makes it look a bit lighter than it is.

Been puttering away at the alpaca shawl, especially before bedtime. Nothing makes me snoozy like counting lace at bedtime.

Promised the black Katrina sweater that it would get some hands-time this evening.

Webs had a big end-of-summer sale last month, and I couldn't resist the Rowan Chunky Print (quelle deal!!!). I ordered five balls of "Pit" (deep brown) several weeks ago, and when it came, I had to get some more. The more came this morning, along with "Girly Pink" for the girly, of course. She wants a bulky poncho. Mmmmm....more IKG!


Jean said...

Hedie looks very happy with his new mama! Way cute!

Bri McStan said...

Does Hedgie need friends? DH and I saw the cutest raccoon slippers in the new holiday LL Bean catalog.

I really like the Kross sweater you've started. What pattern are you using and how much Kross did it take? It's looking good, and cool weather will be there before you know it.

junior_goddess said...

Hedgie got STUFFED! He looks CUTE.

Grace Yaskovic said...

DH loves the Hedgie maybe I should make him one for Christmas

CatBookMom said...

J and I have been thinking about making our own Hedgies; I guess I thought they were smaller by about 50%. SO cute!

And in your usual speed-knitter fashion, you've got half a sweater done before I made up my mind to order any of the Kross. Is this for you or DS?

jayne said...

Me of course! Who else would it be for?? :)