Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bright Lights Big Knitty

First things first...I have had a request for more on the trip to Mexico and what happened next after the bikini story. I have material that I could work up into a part two if enough people want to read that. If I get at least five comments requesting the part II, I'll do it.

Yesterday the kids went off for their FIRST FULL DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Now you moms out there know what I'm talking about. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God know the rest.

And what did I do? Headed into the city for some fun and games. I keep hearing about this yarn store in Vancouver called Urban Yarns (check the link on the right), so that's where I went. Amazing store. Dangerous store. They had things in that store that I've heard about but never seen, never felt, never imagined. Just when I think yarn can't get any better, somebody moves the bar. They had a lot of Blue Sky Alpacas products, and Fleece Artist, and Colinette, and Rowan and Jaegar, and every colour of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and some unbelievable Cat Bordhi items done up in kits. Not enough adjectives to do justice, and I didn't have my camera with me.

How come nobody told me how soft Blue Sky cotton is? How can I describe Blue Sky alpaca/silk blend? How can I communicate the way my fingers itch to knit with every yarn in that store. If I was happy to do only hats, scarves, and handwarmers, I might have a shot at a good deal of those yarns over the next few years. But I am a sweater addict. Sweaters are my drug of choice. I might be persuaded to settle for the little things if only to get my hands on some more of those yarns.

I had to leave the store with something. I mean, come on! It was a no-brainer in the end. The first thing -- the very first thing that caught my eye was a display of Fleece Artist Goldielocks Shawl kits. The "kit" consists of a decent sized hank of Goldielocks yarn and a pattern. I picked up the hank that whispered my name in a sultry "come hither" tone. The skein glowed with life. Rich rusty browns, sunset golds, hint of chartreuse. Soft, gentle halo. I squeezed it, held it under my chin, smelled it...

"Are you finding everything you need?" broke my reverie.

"Yes...I am very happy," I replied

"It smells nice, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does.

I bought one Goldielocks kit in "Indian Summer" and one kit of Fleece Artist Kid/Silk that makes an airy wrap-poncho. The colour is called "Cosmic Dawn." Doesn't that just say it all? It's a gorgeous blend of greens and purples. The kits are quite reasonably priced. Lunch at my favorite crepes place downtown (brie and walnut with maple syrup), and I was a happy woman. I love the way these yarns look in the photos. I posed them on a painting I've been working on. The colours pick up the colours in the painting perfectly.

Let us all be happy for the Shocking-Pink-Sweater. The Pink Sweater has found a family. Good-night Pink Sweater...

I used somewhat less than six skeins of Handpainted Yarns six-ply bulky merino. That stuff is soooooo soft. While we're on the subject, Handpainted Yarns are very reasonably priced, and the service is great. The pattern is from VK Fall/2006. There is a Tahki advertising section with the pattern for a cabled turtleneck. The pattern guage was bulkier than my yarn, so my sweater came out a bit smaller, with smaller details.

Peppo says: "I think I would look good in a hot pink sweater!"

I have enough pinkovers for a hat or some handwarmers.

White box from Elann today...can't say what's inside. It's for a science experiment.


Bri McStan said...

Your pink sweater looks great, as does the yarn acquisition. Can't wait to see what becomes of the science project in the white elann box.

junior_goddess said...

Mwah-ha-ha-ha (mad scientist laugh!)

I am all about white box science projects! Can't wait to see what happens.

Suggy says Popo looks delectable!


Daryl said...

The shocking pink sweater looks wonderful, another one to pop on my wish list. I'm curious about your science experiment too. Have you tried handpainting yarns yet? Seems like that would be a great way for you to combine your delight in colors and fiber. Daryl

jayne said...

Bri, is that a new pic? Like it a lot!

Suggy and the Peps might get on fine -- she stayed with a doggy family when we went on holiday once, and the dog had such a crush on her.

daryl, does kool-aid count as hand painting? :) yes...tempted to explore that.

okay...bah! My word verification is "mteat." Teat...sure...

LibbyKnitKins said...


I'm really liking your blog. Sorry I didnt post earlier but I have been reading!

Trish said...

Jayne, you're killing me! Mexico details, please! Oh, and the pink sweater is nice!