Friday, September 08, 2006

A Good Day

The weather today (as seen from my front deck)

The box I sent to Salt Spring Island. I've been doing a lot of cleaning up, sorting out, and getting rid of around the house lately. I culled out all the yarn that had become hopelessly abandoned in my stash. Hopelessly abandoned means that there is little chance that it will get chosen to dance in the next five years. This would be yarn, sometimes perfectly good yarn, that I bought before my taste changed, or before I decided never again to knit with acrylic, or because it was a good deal, but it is way at the bottom of the pile. I am getting choosier as time goes along.

In any case there is a lovely woman who lives on Salt Spring Island. She and her gang of yarn girls will knit the yarn up into projects to be distributed among people in the Queen Charlotte Islands. I love that caring people will knit with my yarn, and that people who need warm knitted things will be wearing my yarn later this year. This is a very good thing.

Let us be happy for this big box of yarn. The yarn has found a family. Good night yarn!

PS. I would have loved to photograph the great big pile before it was packed into the box, but I didn't want to spoil the fun of discovery, just in case SSI-lady is lurking.

The tomatoes my mom brought for me out of her garden. My mom is an amazing gardener. She lives in Harrison Hot Springs, and gets about twelve hours of sunshine on her garden every day. Plus she fusses over every plant. Plus we suspect she is located over a nuclear waste dump, or that cosmic rays from outer space beam onto her garden at night. Or something. Maybe ET and his pals have been around. In any case, my mom's tomatoes are a miracle.

But is the fact that today my mom came to my home, gave me a box of tomatoes, and sat at my kitchen table drinking coffee and eating butter tarts with me. We chatted and laughed together. THAT is a miracle. Two years ago, I would have said that it would never happen again.

Colin models the most comfortable hat in the world. It is the "Bulky Baby Hat" pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas, knitted in BSA bulky, on size 17 needles. I know I wasn't supposed to touch this stuff, but I did finish the pink sweater, and then I had about an hour free after mom left. The skein kind of leapt into my hand, got wound, and an hour later I had a hat.

Hayley models the hat. No one wanted to take off the hat when their turn was over. That hat is Mine! mine!mine!mine! Trouble is three of us in this family have the same size of pin-head. When I go to put it on, and it isn't there, I'll know where to look!

Doug and I are heading out to a movie and dinner this evening. THIS is a good day.


CatBookMom said...

There's more about the bikini? Give, give, all the deets! The tomatoes are glorious, and I am so envious that your mom's plants are still thriving. The new yarns are gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to seeing your FOs

Trish said...

Oooh, get ready! I am going to flash my tomatoes on my blog, soon! (Your kids are precious, by the way)

junior_goddess said...

If your kids are smart, they will give you skeins of BSA at Christmas! Nice!

SooZ said...

I also have been cleaning house this summer. Knitted up most of the yarn I've had for a zillion years - beautiful stuff actually, called Paternayan. It felted nicely into a large tote. Thanks for mentioning the SSI Lady. I would be pleased to get her address if she is looking for more yarn. I'll send along some stuff to her I'll never use.
Suzie in Delta