Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yarny Christmas!

I've had a lovely yarny Christmas this year. It started with the wonderful HUGe box full of Christmas goodies. I have been enjoying several of those already and gifted a few items to special and deserving people, including a non-HUGe'ing elannite friend.

Then I had a lot of fun spending the money my in-laws sent me for Christmas. The results of that are detailed in a post called "Yarnage."

Then my dear online friend sent me a wonderful box full of goodies (CD, lavender, Chibi darning needles) and...this fantabulous yarn:

This is a soft luxurious blend of cashmere and merino (60/40!) in a fine weight for a pretty shawl. I love the mellow coral-orange colour. I've been carrying it around and petting it. My fingers are dying to knit it, but I have a few goals to accomplish first.

I went out for a lunch with a long-time friend I've been teaching how to knit. She gave me a gift certificate to Urban Yarns. They've opened a second store very close to her home in North Vancouver, so of course we had to drop in and look around. I haven't spent my gift money yet, but I had fun my friend to the beautiful and tempting Fleece Artist kits that they carry.

Surprise, suprise, I received a white elann box on Christmas Eve. A Sunday no less. I don't know how that happened. I had ordered the yarn two days before Christmas and just assumed I'd get it afterward. Inside is a bag of sock yarn that was seriously discounted. Guess I'll be knitting socks this year.

I finished a pair of socks I'd been working on through November on Christmas Eve while we watched Miracle on 34th Street. I wore them all day on Christmas. A little prezzie for my feet. These are in DK weight yarn, so they knit up pretty fast.

Doug gave me my current favorite movie (Little Miss Sunshine). AND he impressed the heck out of me with this knitting tote. He had ordered it from Cafe Press.

Isn't that cool?? And check out the back:

Finally, this is the sock I'm knitting today. Did I mention that I'm in a sock knitting mood? I started it on Christmas day on the drive up to my sister's house. I worked several more inches on it yesterday at my SIL's place. Today seems saner. Now that the kids are off totally absorbed in their new stuff, I can relax and knit in peace. Feels like heaven!

The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn in a colourway called Pinata. This is the finest weight sock yarn I've worked with so far. I love the feel of the yarn and the eeny little stitches.


CatBookMom said...

Lovely kid, and lovely knittery swag! Your DH was inspired to find the 'See Jayne Knit' bag. The sock is looking good, too.

Life's a Stitch said...

Wow, what a haul! My husband agreed that my airfare to Slovakia in Feb would be my present but I though he might put something under the tree. He said, he considered an Urban Yarns certificate but thought in reality, I could go there anytime and spend money. I htought that was sweet,

smariek said...

Love the tote he got you! :-)

Grace Yaskovic said...

what brand is the very pretty yarn??? Love the bag, Doug is a great shopper

Holly Burnham said...

Your coral yarn does look yummy and I do love the socks you made with the 'Say Hello' toes and cuffs. I love socks that make a statement.

Vamanta said...

Love the tote bag! Your DH rocks!
Happy New Year, Jayne & family!

Anonymous said...

Your boot sock is beautiful!
I would like your pattern.