Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Rhymes with Carnage...

I've been good about buying yarn since about September. Really. I've been good. Very restrained. For me.

My in-laws sent me some Christmas $$, bless their hearts, and I've been on a bit of a rampage. If this looks like a lot of yarn, blame their generosity. Thanks A & A!!!

My white box came today, full of Rowan (super)Soft Tweed. It's a pinky/red mix with a few other flecks. I've been waiting for something soft in this weight/gauge so that I could make this sweater from Knit It! Fall/06.

And then there was a white box full of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan (and a pattern book). I blame Joan from Vamanta Knits for this. First she bought some and raved about it on her blog, and then when it came up at elann for a second time, she told me it was "horrible" to help me avoid getting sucked in. Didn't work. I have my eye on making a cute and cuddly cardi.

Then there was a white box full of Mr Joe Blanket. Somehow I limited myself to two colours. It's sportweight, but doubled makes aran weight. I have at least ten patterns I could use this for, but I'm leaning towards this for the Fern green colour (Creative Knitting Jan/07):

And this for the Chestnut brown colour (Interweave Winter/06-07):

I don't know how this happened. I'm weak, okay. I was at Urban Yarns buying just two little balls of something for a hat, and this did a little end-run around me. You'd think I didn't own any yarn or something.

A billion thanks to my favorite parents!

You should see what my kids are getting.

This is the current status of the kitchen sink sweater.

"No, hands, you can't play with that new Soft Tweed yet, we've already had this discussion"

I am just about to divide the front and the back for shaping the armholes.


Grace Yaskovic said...

i DO envy you, we got a swiss colony cheese platter from my inlaws!!! I love your yarns and your selections for using it all!!

I am not sure yet what to do with MR Joe, I have one skein each of charcoal, grey flannel and another grey and I just can't figure a scarf pattern I like for it yet

jayne said...

My in-laws are incorrigible spoilers. They seem to enjoy it a lot. They don't have a lot of kids/grandkids to spoil (only two/four). And they enjoy a good laugh (as was evident from the warped family photos). Very dear people.

smariek said...

Wow! But there's never enough yarn...

Your kitchen sink sweater is looking great, all the colors work well together.

Lisa W. said...

looks like yarny good you're the culprit who snagged my cedar astrakan huh! oh well, not like i don't have other loverly yarn to play with. Are you remodeling over here? Your links are missing!

jayne said...

My links are here now, Lisa. Maybe Blogger was messing with your head. I'm trying to join a webring, but haven't got that link installed correctly yet.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Great job so far on the Kitchen Sink sweater. And what lovely in-laws you have.

Daryl said...

Jayne you are killing me. After B&B I'm having serious cable lust and every time you show a new acquistion that pattern book has to go on my MUST have list, plus of course, yarn with which to accompany said project. Since the B&B took six months for me to finish the delusional state is pretty severe to think I should add anything else. I was thinking of you this weekend as we dyed Webs Berkshire in the crockpot for our ballet dancers felted slippers. My kids noticed that dyed in the crockpot it looks and feels a LOT like the time you are placing a Webs order you might want to throw in a couple of skeins just to get it up to that magic 25% discount. Daryl

jayne said...

Hey, Daryl, speaking of delusional cable projects...there is a wonderful cabled blanket in Interweave Knits Fall/06 that uses 18 balls of Berkshire. It is gorgeous! I don't dare buy yarn for that...yet :)

I have one ball of Berk. It's lovely yarn. Mine is a very bright lime green. Might have to throw a row or two into the kitchen sink. Your kids sound like fun.

Anonymous said...

What nice you have! Lucky duck! And I love the cabled sweaters you chose.

Anonymous said...

DUH - I know I typed "What nice INLAWS you have.."
Well, you know what I mean.

shobhana said...

oh my god! i can't believe you're knitting EBTKS! it looks fantastic! be sure to check here for EBTKS errata;

please send me a pic of your finished sweater so that i can paost it to the Yarnplay blog.