Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What's On The Needles?

Various Christmas knitting...like hats.

Those two balls of Katia Mexico have been knitted up into hats. I'll let my therapist choose one of these, and not sure who gets the other one yet.

I liked working with the Mexico. I made the same pattern as Matt's Hat, but cast on 80 on 5mm 16" circs. I worked a garter ridge every five rounds or so, and shaped the crown after 6" of hat. I divided the crown into 8 sections of 10 stitches for shaping.

And a scarf...

Four balls of elann.com's Cuzco. This is a total comfort object since Cuzco is superbulky baby alpaca. I knitted it up wide in garter stitch. It can be a scarf, a head wrap, or laid doubled over the lap (and petted often). I'm going to give it to my younger sister for Christmas.

I want about a dozen warm wooly sweaters to help me survive this freakin' cold weather, so that's why I'm knitting a worsted weight cotton sweater. Hmmm...

I can't help it. My fingers just love the way this cotton/rayon blend just slides on through. This is the Berroco Touche, and it is so soft and nice. I'm blending two patterns and a few ideas of my own (hopefully) to achieve what is in my head. I want a long-sleeved ribbed pullover with a very deep-V neckline, and maybe a hood. If I don't run out of yarn.

I have a billion other things on the go or waiting in line, but this is what's going on this week.


Grace Yaskovic said...

Is the Matt hat, a pattern you posted or one I should know about?

I have been doing alot of hats lately, I never wear them but have been on a rolll making them for everyone else!! I have done at least 6 earflaps, one with eyelash fur for a little girl, one camo hat for Tommo, just lots of hats lately, One earflap i made combined LB homespun and Katia Ingenua Mohair, I tried it on and Tom loved it on me, I just can't get used to something on my head!!! Jayne you always pick such colorful yarns! I need to look for the Mexico!

Les said...

Good looking gifts, Jayne!! Really good! And the ribbed sweater is looking great!

jayne said...

Grace, the Matt Hat is the earflaps hat (colourful stripedy one) that I posted the pattern for a few weeks ago. I think you've already made a few, including that dreamy white one I saw on your blog. I bet it did look good on you. With these two, I just left off the flaps.

I wear a lot of hats. My ears get really cold if I don't. And that seems to make me a walking advertisement for my hats (usually how I end up making them for people). Mexico is very funky. I bought it at Urban Yarns. Thinking of picking up a few more balls. Those were fun.

CatBookMom said...

Great hats! I thought for a moment that you'd knitted in all those stripes, and freaked at the thought of all those ends, lol!

Vamanta said...

Just love those hats, Jayne. The yarn is so darn attractive. I may have to pick up some of the Cuzco (sp?) yarn now. I've managed to avoid it for a few years but I love it in a cozy red scarf.

Evelyn said...

Hi Jayne...I love to check out your blog because I canalways count on some good writing and great projects. And...you post regularly. Some bloggers haven't posted in 4 weeks or so.
Anyway, I think you have fantastic writing and knitting skills, and very good taste in your choice of yarns and colours.
PS: Why do I have to put in those funky letters to post this note? I keep asking and nobody will answer me. Just wondering. The answer is probably, " Because you have to, that's why".

jayne said...

Hey, Evelyn,

Thanks for your kind comments!

The funky letters are to foil some kind of computer-generated spam that can infiltrate blogs with unwelcome messages. It takes a human being to recognize the letters and type them in. Computer spam-bots can't do it.

So...it's a form of security. I get hung up on those all the time on other people's blogs. I often have to type it twice to get it right. Guess I'm not that smart. :)

Life's a Stitch said...

So nice to meet another Vancouver blogger! Maybe we'll meet in person someday.

I've just finished two Cuzco projects. They make wodderfully fast seed stitch scarves on size 17 US needeles.

Life's a Stitch said...

I cannot type! That would be wonderfully, although I have a cold and it actually soounds like wodderfully :)