Friday, December 01, 2006

HUGe Thanks to Groups 1 and 2!!

Amy QOY and Cate made project bags. When I was unpacking my box, I saw a tape measure loose in there and thought that T had accidentally dropped one in. I was thinking about how I would tease her about it as I went to pull it out. It came out attached to the super cute bag made of blue tarp. That is one funky bag, Amy, and I thought it would be perfect for that orange Touche project I have on the go.

Cate's bag (below) is black and a nice smaller size for those projects I take with me in the car, to restaurants, etc. I did not own any decent project bags before, and now I have two!

T's Mamma L is an artist. The first piece I pulled out of my HUGe box this morning was the painting called "A Piece of the Day." It is my very favorite treasure from HUGe. I caught my breath and just looked at it for a while. The lovely bird drawing is part of a classy set of cards.

Fancy things! The turquoise beaded bracelet is from Les, and the earrings are from T. Think how good those will look with my new Pamir sweater! Scullyknits made the spice mixes. Mmmmmm...

Fancy knitterly things: Trish MMM's beaded stitch markers. I have already installed one on the hat I'm working on.

Knitted things -- how nice it is to receive knitted things from other knitters. Billie's felted tissue holder; Donna's felted hotpad and pot holder; adorable tiny sock on keychain sock blocker (and pattern!) from Birdlady.

Christmas Things! T's dreamy wispy roving angels are a delight to stroke. I got two!

Benne's framed crocheted snowflake and Karen's crocheted snowflake (I am full of respect for these tiny detailed items). Karin thoughtfully included a padded mailer, but that snowflake is not going anywhere. I'm sure I can find a good use for the mailer. Enid made the whimsical globe with holiday sparkle. It can hold a photo or recipe card (or my VISA).

Luxury Things! Bets' bath salts came in two flavours (since I was in two groups). Serenity and Achey Sniffly. She thoughtfully included extras. They smell fantastic, and as I have some achey's today, I plan to try one out. Gloria made lavender eye masks. If you like lavender (like I do), it's pretty hard to put it down. It took me a minute or two to get the double meaning of "Tropical Bri's Bath Salts." Tropical breeze indeed. Another wonderful scent.

These treasures have made my day and maybe even my Christmas. They are the best of gifts, especially as they come with care from new friends I've met through the warm online knitting community. Thank you so much to each one of you. I love my loot!


Grace Yaskovic said...

next year I am taking part in as many huge groups as there are, everyone does such wonderful items!!!!! I am enthralled

Libby said...


I'm glad that you finally got your HUGe package! Isnt it fun to get hand made things? I just love it!


Anonymous said...

I started to say that I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your gifts as much as you enjoyed opening the boxes, but that can't be true! I'm so glad you like the stitch markers.

CatBookMom said...

What a great assortment of fun and useful and pretty things! Guess I'm going to have to get my Thinking Hat on for next year!!