Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Boy...and My New Toy

My boy turned 14 years old today. This is a picture of all of us from five years ago. Colin was a month away from his ninth birthday.

Now he is 14! I can't believe I'm the mother of a 14-year-old. I spent ten years of my life teaching kids in this age group. Now I have one of my own.

Just about to dive into pressies. He is a major Canucks fan, so all presents were Canucks-related. He got hockey cards, a Canucks t-shirt and Santa hat, and a ticket to the game against Calgary on Thursday. Doug has the other ticket. He went out to pizza and a movie with his friends from school this afternoon.

Way too many unfinished knitting projects on the go, and I'm contemplating starting yet another one. I'm hopeless. I have a fun knitting book called Yarnplay, and there is a very funky sweater in there that has caught my attention. It's called the "Everything But The Kitchen Sink Sweater." Basically you knit a sweater with at least thirty different yarns of the same(ish)weight. Chagrined to admit that I have at least thirty worsted/aran weight yarns that would work together, but there you have it. You work a lot of skinny stripes (one, two, or three rows wide), changing colours and textures frequently. I think this will work, and 95% of my yarns will spit-splice quite nicely. That long row of yarns will be my main palette, but there are more. Oh yes, there are always more.

And new toy. I have a new laptop. It's a beaut! And it comes with all sorts of fancy little extras that my old one did not have, including a built-in photo booth. Just like that thing at the mall that you pay quarters in and sit to have pictures taken. This little web-cam built into my computer screen will snap your photo and do all sorts of fancy things with it too.


smariek said...

I know they all eventually have to grow up, but I refuse to believe it will happen as fast as it will. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday.

CatBookMom said...

Great photos, happy day indeed! So, tell all about the new laptop, tell, tell.

Did you get an email from me?

jayne said...

Yours is still really small, right Marie? It does take time, but after it happens, it really feels fast.

Yes...CBM... I got your email. Doing the happy dance! Check your mail, girl!

Anonymous said...

Miss Jayne, I love your pictures, and it looks like you are having too much fun! I had such a problem with my work Mac from 8 years ago, that it caused me all types of grief; my first dealings with a Mac, and it was not pretty.