Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off The Needles and Ready to Sew

This Debbie Bliss cardi is off the needles, all in one piece that was knitted from side to side. I just cast off the right sleeve cuff. I have some tails to deal with and some sewing up to do; then I'll post again.

Here is a closer look at the front and back neck ribbing. The colour looks quite tomatoey here, but actually it is a darker rust red. More like brick than tomato.

Daisy is settling in nicely. "Hi everybody!"


CatBookMom said...

The sweater looks great! Careful, Benne may try to spirit away to Tennessee, being such a fan of good reds like this one.

Karin said...

You'll have to change your "profile" (slacker hardly seems appropriate) - I liked Hamster Whisperer but Sweater Whisperer might be better, look at you go - amazing :)!
And I should really know, now that LilBro is living in BC - how best does one use "Skookum", I love a good Canadian coloquialism, by da lord tunderin'!

emily3cat said...

I loves me some good hammy! Very cute face.