Thursday, January 18, 2007

Free Yarn! and My Next Project

First off...thank you all very much for the kind compliments on my EBTKS sweater. Not to be a total name dropper or anything, but did anyone notice that Lisa Shobhana (the author of Yarnplay) left the first comment?? She has a blog that shows off Yarnplay projects that other people are knitting and blogging. You can visit it here. Oh, and would you look at whose sweater is featured on that blog today? Why, that looks like MY sweater. Big grin.

Incidentally, she also provides corrections for any errata in Yarnplay. There is one correction for the shaping of the back of EBTKS. And there are lots of good photos of another great sweater in Yarnplay, the currently very popular Poppy.

Now on to the free stuff. That's right, I said free stuff. Sort of. If you want this lovely lace yarn from Handpainted Yarns, it is yours for the price of box and postage (somewhere between eight and twelve dollars, depending on where you live). Here we have two skeins of Handpainted's laceweight merino. It is equisitely soft and has a billion yards per skein (ok, I think it's around 950). The colour on my monitor looks about bang on. It is a soft light/and lighter peachy colour.

Why am I giving it away? Take your pick from the following answers:

a) I thought it was going to be a lot darker in colour
b) I have a lot of lace-weight, and I am just never going to get around to knitting this one in my lifetime
c) It doesn't seem worth selling it for ten bucks or something on its own
d) I don't know anyone nearby who can take it off my hands
e) I am a generous person
f) All of the above goes to the first person who tells me they are willing to pay for postage. We can arrange terms by email. The easiest way to pay me is by gift certificate.

My next project is to finish this Mondial Kross sweater I started in the fall. I plan to make the sweater as pictured above -- but without the scary botox lips.

The colourway is camoflage. I snapped that one up in a hurry when snuck it out there one Monday in October. I quickly knitted one sleeve and the back in the zeal of white box arrival, and then it kind of drifted off to the unfinished bin for a while. I am extremely ADD about knitting when those white boxes arrive.

In any case, it's back out on the couch, where all well-behaved projects get to live when they are in favor with the universe, and I've been sleeving away on the second sleeve so that I can set back and enjoy the rest of the knit.

And finally...though my New Year's yarn purchases have been almost nil so far (does it count that I took some yarn off of Jean's hands?), I did pick up just a few scarves' worth of this new Sean Sheep Yarn I discovered yesterday at Wally World. Check out the Sean Sheep website here. The Wally World had a fun display of several Sean Sheep yarns, and I found I simply could not resist these two. It helped that they were 2.97 a ball.



Grace Yaskovic said...

OKay Yarn (insert bad word here )that I am I would love your yarn

jayne said...

No bad words for you, Gracie, yarn-lover that you are. I'll email you tomorrow. We just got back from a movie (Pursuit of Happyness).

Kim said...

Congrats on having your sweater all over the web. It looks great!

Musclemom said...

I would love this yarn for one of the Victorian Lace patterns that I am looking at right now -- what a beautiful colour!
I would be more than willing to pay for postage and can certainly give you an Elann gift certificate or pay by PayPal, if your prefer.

jayne said...

Sorry, musclemom (great name by the way), it's already on its way to Grace QOS (queen of shawls). You can get some for reasonable prices at Handpainted Yarns (see link in my side bar). They have beautiful colour choices.

Vamanta said...

That M-K sweater is really fabulous!