Monday, January 01, 2007

Meet Daisy

Daisy is only four weeks old. She came home with us today. She is eeny weeny teeny. I'll try to get a photo of her next to our other hamster (that looks ginormous next to her).

One of the things I was thinking about putting on my "weird things meme" is that I am inordinately fond of hamsters. No, I don't care that much for mice or rats, and I really don't like gerbils. Guinea pigs are nice, but I really like hamsters. I cannot go past a pet store without stopping in and checking out the hamster selection.

I owned a series of hamsters from the time I was ten until I moved out to get married at 21. I didn't own a hamster from then until a year and a half ago when we got a brown and white hamster that only lived for about six months. Then we got Peppo, the black and white hamster that shows up here from time to time. We've had her for over a year.

Today, we had to go to Petcetera to replace Hayley's new Betta fish that only lived for three days before going...fungal...ick! While we were picking out the fish and the anti-fungus prevention, I wandered by the small animals to see what they had. And that's when I saw her: a perky little brown and white girl who was frisking around while all her sisters were sleeping away. Love at first sight. Doug was a big pushover, and now we have two hamsters.

We're all allergic to cats and dogs around here, so bigger pets are out of the question. But if there is such a thing as a "hamster whisperer" then I know how to be that. I can hand train them to come to me and to recognize my voice. I know how to gain their trust and calm them down when they're scared. They can even be toilet trained. And they are the gentlest of creatures.


Anonymous said...

hamster whisperer.


Anonymous said...

I bet there's something about the similarity between their fur and yarn that is really why you love them so!

Lisa W. said...

hamster dances for hamster whisperer. The are sweet lil things, but known around these parts as VERMIN...hey, are you thinking about going to SSI Jun24-Jul1? I am already looking at airfare! It would be so fun....go jayne go! pleeeeeeeaaase!

Grace Yaskovic said...

SSI sounds like fun!! We have a wedding that weekend, grrrr----my family is allergic to pets which includes hamsters, gerbils and birds so we are totally petless!!

CatBookMom said...

SSI would be fun, but sadly I have no interest in learning to knit ganseys.

I do enjoy the pictures of the incredibly cute hamsters on Cute Overload, and I still kick myself for not having gotten one of the T-shirts with the mini-ham and the kernel of corn. There's a picture of him on the big photo array posted today, just to the left of center.

jayne said...

Hi Rosie -- gotta get together soon. I'll email. Hmmm..could be the fur, or maybe it's the hoarding habits.

Mmm, Lisa, SSI for ganseys might be fun. I'll give it some thought. CBM, you could pretend to knit a gansey and come for the visitin'...

Grace, you can't be allergic to FISH, but they're not exactly cuddly.