Monday, January 29, 2007

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

Someone asked me just how horifically large my stash is. I don't know...what's a stash? Tell you what, I'll take you on a little tour of my knitting stuff, and you can tell me if I'm in trouble or not. From what I've heard of out there, I think I'm doing okay.

Hey! Maybe a few of you lurkers out there could weigh in on this. I'd love to see who else is reading my blog these days.

There it is: my modest collection of knitting mags, books and patterns.

Sweater Stash: it's no secret that sweaters are my favorite. These are my current faves, though not by any means all the sweaters I've ever knit (many have left home for other lives).

If it's in my bedroom closet, does it count as stash? There's a box of R2 Rag 'cuz I thought I'd knit rugs all summer (and didn't). There's a bin of WIP projects, and a small bin of quarantined thrift store yarn (with sachet to make purty smelling). And a big blanket project that is also in process.

Oh that's not stash, those are just my "working bins." This drawer unit used to hold toys when my kids were younger; now it's mine. I keep all my tools, ball bands, swatches, sample skeins etc. in some of the drawers. Other drawers have all the leftover bits of balls and oh...a few projects' worth of yarn (things I plan to do soon) and pettable yarn that I have to keep nearby at all times. That kind of thing.

This is the spot on the couch where projects I am working on right now hold court. They sit next to the ass-groove I have worn into the couch from all my hours of knitting.

Okay, now this here is what I officially consider my "stash." These few bins. They contain only wool and wool blend yarn, sorted by weight. I'm not responsible for resulting explosions if you lift the lids.

These next two pictures are of...overflow stash. It hides in the cupboard where I also stockpile gifts for various occasions.

That section there is pretty much all the summer type yarn that I own. That's not very much.


SooZ said...

I thought your entire stash was in the toy bin, which I've seen. You have 'more' stash than what I'd ever expected. In fact, I think you have the cutest way of showing your yarn, I just may go to Ikea and see about mimicking your Idea!

I need to show you mine?...well, I'll see about that...

CatBookMom said...

Aside from Grace QOS, you may buy a fair lot of yarn, but you turn it into knitted objects pretty quickly. You've seen pix of part of my stash. I say 'part' because it grew a lot in the last few months of 2006. I got rid of most of the acrylic I had for charity, but it didn't balance out. Sigh.

jayne said...

Your stash is breeding, CBM. Especially now that you've introduced such quality stock into the bloodline. LOL

smariek said...

Ok, since I've only been knitting for 2 yrs, I knew I had far to go. But omigosh, I didn't know I was so far behind! lol. Of course I know you've been knitting for much longer...

Love the couch spot. Wish I could keep my knitting on the couch too, but then M would grab at it and drag them all over the house. So I have to make sure I put everything away.

Love how you've organized by weight. I should probably reorg that way too, it would make it easier to find stuff for specific projects.

Love how you've taken over the kids' toy bin. I'm definitely going to do that after M grows up. I also have plans to repo the plastic box DH has when he finishes using up all the tennis ball cannisters that are currently in it.

jayne said...

I wouldn't say you're behind Marie. I saw that stack of boxes on your blog. You can't fool me. Besides, I've only been knitting for three and a half years.

Karin said...

I am so tempted to get in on this "flashing" but y'all would be horrified at what passes for storage of yarn at my house! It's spilling out of bags and boxes from every corner (floor to ceiling) of my craft room, both sofas, coffee tables and my "nest" (the chair that suffers KB's knitting ass-crack), in the living room, blocking in the dining room... Scared yet? :P

jayne said...

You crack me up, Karin, LOL!

Vamanta said...

Love the sweaters! No yellow, no green..hmmm.

You need a Brother P-Touch label maker for your bins and drawers and shelves.

I stssh by fiber, except for wool which I have the most of, that's by weight.

Still LOL at the ass-groove.

jayne said...

Funny thing about the no green -- there's a green one barely visible at the bottom of the pile on the right, and two green ones downstairs in the wash. And I have yarn for a dozen more green ones in stash.

Definitely NO yellow though. Not my colour.