Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gumball Fairy AND Yarn Fairy

Well, I had a good sleep last night. Thank you, Xanax. And when I woke up, the gumball fairy had been and left me a few. I still feel like a limp dishrag, but the weather is glorious, so I went for a long wandering walk. Mercifully, the boy has gone off to his friend's house to play video games.

Thanks for all the comments of encouragement. I really do appreciate them. And, Ann (from Coquitlam), you lucky girl! I would have loved to hear Margaret Trudeau speak. Yes, I would have applauded.

Starting the day out right: flowers, cuppa joe, and TWO, count 'em, TWO yarny packages. These are the only yarny packages I've ordered since before Christmas, and they both came on the same day. How did the universe know that I needed yarn today?

This first lot is part of (yes I was piggy) a batch of Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran I bought on skookum deal at Hurry up and get yours before it is all gone. I can't say enough good things about this yarn. It is exactly the same softness, composition (merino, microfiber, cashmere) and gauge as Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran, but with a chainette construction to keep it nicely together. I have been testing it out, and it is delectable! It feels terrific in the hands, and knits up very evenly. I suspect the chainette will keep it from fluzzing and pilling as quickly as soft yarns typically do.

I bought the most of a colour called charcoal heather, a pewter grey that I've got balanced between light blue and black. I want a whole sweater in that colour. Something classic, maybe the Phoebe Pullover from KnitPicks.

The darker green is called Avocado and the lighter one Jalapeno. I think of them both as avocado -- the darker outside, and the lighter inside. I have Ribby Cardi plans for these. A bunch of us over at elann chat are going to Ribby along together. Better late than never. I'm thinking about making two.

This next batch is from Little Knits: Noro Silver Thaw in colour 1 (grays/pinks/lime/teal).

And colour 5 (orangey reds/chartruese/moss/teal/bits of purple)

This stuff is also delectable (wool, angora, nylon). Big generous 100g hanks, and one of the softest Noro's I've met. I love 'em both, but I think I like the orangey-red mix the best. I keep buying up different kinds of Noro, but one of these days I've got to knit with them, not just gollum them away. My precious...

Still no motivation to deal with the lump that is the Mondial Kross jacket.


CatBookMom said...

Darn you, with the so-tempting pictures of the LH Kashmir! I feel my resolve melting, melting, melting...

SooZ said...

Yippee! I put in an order now. I never thought to buy a mix of colors, I was stuck on deciding on one! I'm sooo excited.

Writing this in haste, I have to run to work. Glad I could get the chance to read your blog briefly and order.

My laptop is crashing. I'm getting a newer one in the next week. That will make a difference in my ability to check everyones blogs. A white box, a newer laptop coming soon - what excitement for me!


Vamanta said...

No chain-y stuff for me thankfully but that #5 Silver Thaw is awesome. I did bite the bullet today on some ST for myself.
Have fun!

SooZ said...

Am I reading this right? Little Knits sells a nice big skein of Noro Silver Thaw at 12 sumpthing US?

Seems I paid at LYS about 10 bucks Cdn for a Noro skein half the size?


jayne said...

Hey, Sooz,

Yeah...the 100 gram/over 200yd skeins are normally around 25. US. (double the size of those smaller ones). Little Knits has them on for half price, and so does Webs. Webs has more colours now, and more stock.