Thursday, January 25, 2007

Daisy's New Digs and Other News

Today is the first day of Colin's dreaded (by me) semester end. I decided to leave the house for several hours. I hit pet stores and thrift stores and had lunch and enjoyed the fact that it was not raining today. My favorite thrift store has half price Thursdays, and today I bought a cozy zippered hoodie for Hayley and a set of audio tapes for me. Have you ever read any of Bill Bryson's travel books? They're a scream. I loved his book on Australia. The audio tapes are of him reading his book Notes From a Small Island -- about his travels in England. So for two dollars, I get several hours of listening enjoyment to accompany my knitting. I had fun until I returned home to find my grouchy son slouched in a chair, having eaten nothing but shreddies. It was 2:00.

Today I bought supplies for Daisy. She is growing like a weed and needed something bigger than the little wire cage and tiny wheel that worked when she was a baby. This is her new apartment, fitted out with bigger wheel, new food bowl, and corner bathroom (yes, she uses it). She sniffed around and disappeared into the igloo to sleep. I won't see her for hours.

Since Daisy was getting a fresh house, I cleaned out Peppo's house too. Peppo is our old girl, and she gets the big twenty gallon condo. Daisy's is a ten gallon with a wire mesh lid. Daisy is a Houdini. Peppo, on the other hand, couldn't climb her way out of a paper bag. Peps hated the igloo from a very young age and kept flipping it over until we got the hint and removed it. Now she makes a nest in the corner, but whenever we clean her tank, she forgets and goes to sleep in her bathroom for a day or two. No one said hamsters were that smart.

Last night Doug woke me up with his breathing machine around 4:30 am. He has one of those machines that prevents sleep apnea. Normally it is quiet. Last night it started making whistling noises that drove me out of the room. I fell asleep on the couch to the sound of hamsters running on wheels.

I finished the second front of the Kross hoodie. I just realized I posted a pic of the sleeve. Must be loss of sleeve. Sleep. Oh well, just imagine it is a front. Now I have to sew up the right side and sleeve and then pick up around the neck edge for the hood. It is so close to being done.

Except for that tiny matter of the zipper. Ew.

Even so, my eye keeps wandering to this yarn I have all ready for a Ribby Cardi. It is Berroco Ultra Alpaca in denim blue and charcoal. Won't that look fab with jeans and a black t-shirt. Or a white t-shirt. I've been itching to get going on it, so the last bit of this Kross jacket has been feeling like a trudge.

Current socks on the go:

Ball of sock yarn that is waving arm in the air and calling, "Oh Mistah Kottah!! Mistah Kottah!!!" I think it wants to be next.

Someone has asked to see pix of the Noro Silver Thaw I ordered. Gladly! But it hasn't come in the mail yet.


junior_goddess said...

"eaten nothing but shreddies"-

He ain't hungry yet, maw. Glad you had a little field trip!

Lisa W. said...

"Why Jayne, (she gushes with a smile and clasped hands), you've already started my socks! how lovely! But dear, (smiling winsomely) didn't we agree upon knee socks...check with Billie (nodding head) she'll remember"....(giggling...)

I'm tellin you, the thrift store is KING with me! Give me a chai latte, 2 hours and $20 and I'm gone. We should do some "Show&Tell" about our "big scores" sometimes. I'm hoarding/collecting purse hardware these days too due to you. Thanks!

jayne said...

You crack me up, Lisa! I'll post some Thrift Store Treasures later today...