Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As Long as I Have My Knitting...

I can get through anything.

This week has been packed full of events for Hayley's school. More than usual for year end, but I think that's partly because it is her last year at the school before moving on to middle school, and partly because the whole school is closing after this year.

Yesterday, they had a talent show. 25 performers. Two hours. Hayley's piano piece lasted for about 90 seconds of that two hours. I have to admit that a lot of the acts were really cute, and overall it was a fun event. But only because I had my knitting. If I can knit, I can get through anything. A kids' talent show becomes downright delightful, as long as I have my knitting.

Today was a day-long outing to an arcade style "fun" park. The "park" was actually a series of buildings with indoor batting cages, driving ranges, bumper cars, miniature golf, and a zillion arcade games. Hayley and her friends had a blast. The bumper cars were fun, and the whole day was made better...because I had my knitting.

I might have spoken too soon when I said that business was slowing down. Yesterday was a big day, and today was a HUGE day. Maybe everyone's stocking up on projects to work on through the summer.

I'll post another photo of the Simple Knitted Bodice tomorrow. I am almost done the body and have to show it off.


HobbyZu said...

Picturing you at the talent show with your knitting is kinda funny! I bet you were the most entertained person there huh!? lol Congrats on the big sales! You're getting more popular by the second. :-)

ebbandflo said...

congrats on the renewed sales btw

and yes, even the most inane drop-in play arena becomes bearable (and productive even) if i grab my crafts-on-the-go bag of wire crochet and beading projects

Rachel said...

Love your knitted top. I like the color combo too.