Monday, June 25, 2007

The Knitting Zombie

I am such a zombie today. I've taken lots of days off over the last week or two, and have been relaxing, knitting, napping. Discovered that I'm tired. Been sleeping most of today.

Business has dropped off over this last week. I think the summer slowdown has begun, so it's good timing to relax more, knit more, get out and swim at the lake. I look forward to having some time to develop new colours and possibly stock up for what will likely be a rush when the fall begins.

Spent quite a bit of time this past weekend working on the Simple Knitted Bodice, so here's a report.

I'm working the pattern called Simple Knitted Bodice that was designed by Stephanie Japel (Glampyre) for the Tilli Tomas silk yarns. You can see/purchase the pattern from Stitch Diva as a PDF download HERE. You can buy the pattern lots of other places, but I wanted it right away.

If you're not familiar with this pattern, there are instructions for both a short sleeved version and a long-sleeved version. You should be able to see pictures of both on that link if you scroll down. I'm making the long sleeved version. I've been in love with this sweater ever since I first saw it at KPixie, but I just couldn't get my head around the cost of the Tilli Tomas yarn.

Let's see...what do knitters like to know... This sweater is knit from the top down. At first, you work back and forth as though it is one piece, until you get to the point of the v-neck in front, and then you join the thing together and work in the round. I use my Lantern Moon ebony circulars in size 7 (4.5mm) for the knitting done in the main colour (Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple in Forest). The pattern says to switch to 3.5mm needles for the lace, but I only went down to 4mm.

The lace is a simple chevron lace stitch worked in a contrasting or detailed yarn. I'm using Tilli Tomas Rock Star in Olive, and it matches the Olive in the Forest variegated perfectly. Rock Star is generously studded with Czech glass beads. And both yarns are super soft and dreamy to knit.

Now that I'm done the lace pattern in the olive, I've switched back to my larger needles and colour A (Forest). I have placed stitch markers to note where dart increases go to shape for the hips.

Libby asked for some details on the yarn. I've taken a picture here of the two types side by each. You should be able to enlarge all photos by clicking on them. Pure and Simple is a single ply 100% silk in a worsted weight. It is one of the nicest yarns I've ever knit. Just a joy, every stitch. The Rock Star is similar: a single ply of spun silk, with a think silk thread that has the beads. The two strands are spun in such a way that the beads do not slide around. A lot of care has gone into this yarn. The beaded yarn has a weight to it that you don't expect, but of course, it's all those beads! I think it will pull the sweater into a nice drape.

In shop news: I got these cool lamp-worked beads from India from another etsy seller, and I've turned the into "We love Gryffindor" stitch markers. They come with a tiny matching satin pouch.

And this is my favorite item in the shop today: Teeny little glass lemons and a lime stitch marker. Hayley took one look at these and had to make herself a choker with one of the lemons. She likes having a crafty mom.


Lisa W. said...

cute stitch markers! love those lemons :) I've had my eye on that very pattern for a while now....and thought about using some of my new Artfibers Chai silk with it...hmmmm...thanks for testdriving the pattern! Looks wonderful so far. Enjoy your lazy hazy days! It's summer!

zvpwpwc....good grief!

Kim said...

The top is beautiful. Did you find a great sale on the Tili Tomas yarn? I have Sahara and it calls for her yarns too but I keep holding back because of the price - although the yarns are to die for!

jayne said...

Thanks, Kim, yup found a sale at Little Knits. They still have some, but a lot have sold. I basically grabbed mine as soon as I got the email. Sahara too. I've had my eye on that one.

LOL, Lisa, I've been getting psychotic word-verifs everywhere these days.

Lothlorian said...

its getting quite on the sales front here too so its good to hear from an experienced seller that its normal!!

The top looks ace, I have the Goddess pattern sitting waiting to be knit

Joan said...

Love the addition of the green lace. That was an unexpected surprise.

benne said...

Very pretty pattern and those yarns look luscious. That's going to be a wonderful top to wear, it will feel so silky. Enjoy some down time, you've been working hard, time for a little leisure. :-}