Thursday, June 21, 2007

See Jayne Knit!

Yes, I do actually knit.


I have to admit that my knitting output dropped off dramatically from about April, when my dyeing adventure really took off. After four years of almost nothing but knitting, it was a relief to be captivated by something else for a change.

And then my knitting mojo went on a long tour of the South of France or somewhere exotic. In any case, it's not telling. Recently, it has been sneaking back. It heard that Tilli was in the house and really wanted to test drive the Simple Knitted Bodice.

And so I knit. For about an hour a day, or so, and the rows are a pleasure. Each stitch is a pleasure. I coaxed that mojo back with silk yarn and ebony needles (the sticks forbidden to Daisy's sharp teeth), and tiny bronze glass stitch markers I raided from my own shop.


One or two people have been asking again about how I do this dyeing thing, so here are the links to old blog entries in which I describe my basic method. Maybe you'll be opening up a shop of your own before too long. It's a big market.

A Good Day To Dye
Live And Let Dye

One nitty-gritty point: Very glad to point you in the direction of dyeing, but methods I've developed since these posts as well as my recipes and charms for making certain colorways are like the Colonel's secret recipe. Secret. On the other hand, I don't own colours so go for it -- see what you come up wth!

And as for colours...Some people have asked which colours I use. I use ALL the colours. :)


Mouse said...

Thank you for pointing me the direction of those posts.. I really appreciate it. I was more interested in just making a few skeins for myself in colourways I haven't seen yet.. so thanks!

jayne said...

Hiya, Mouse, have fun! And like I said, I don't own colours. Knock yourself out. :)

Libby said...

Jayne, Talk to me about the Tilli. Little Knits has it and I have been contimplating it for awhile now.


Madge said...

Welcome back, knitting mojo - your SKB is lookin' great!

benne said...

Love that yarn for you, Jayne! Well, actually, I'd love that yarn for me, too. ;-} Seriously, glad your mojo found its way home. Mine is hitchhiking its way through the galaxy, it's definitely left Planet Earth. ;-}
Gotta go look up the pattern so I can see what your pretty silk is going to be.

skeinqueen said...

What a fab blog! I have been captivated for the last hour, esp. by your dyeing and etsy exploits. You've done so well in seemingly such a short time and your yarn is gorgeous. I'm just starting out with etsy and blogging etc - you're a great example.

jayne said...

Thanks, skeinqueen! What kind things to say.

Well, I've been blogging for a while, and my very supportive and generous bloggy friends gave me a good launch on the yarn thing before I got to etsy. But yes, it has been a bit of a ride.

Best of luck with your shop! gotta go and see...