Sunday, June 03, 2007

Anarchist Meme

I've been tagged, I think it might be three times now, for this seven things meme. I've become an anarchist when it comes to meme's. I dont follow the rules, and most of the time I don't do them, and I don't tag.

But I will tell the seven things, not that you don't already know eleventy-seven things about me.

Seven Odd-Lesser-Known-Things About Yours Truly:

1. I like to pester my kids. I sit on my son Colin and block his view of the TV when he's watching a hockey game. Yesterday, I tried on a scary bathing suit, and I "innocently" invited my daughter Hayley in for an opinion (knowing I would get a shocked reaction), and she did not disappoint me. I think my kids love this behavior, but I'm not sure. It never stops me though.

2. On the pester-my-kids topic, I know a lot of different names for BARF. Last year, Hayley and I were on a ferris wheel, and we saw a large pink puke-pile on the ground below. Hayley was grossed out, but every time our car was up high enough to see it, I'd rattle off a few more versions until she was laughing and coming up with her own.

3. Apparently I have the tendency to laugh (sometimes inappropriately) at the strangest things.

4. I love to smell wool when it is wet, warm, and fresh from the Eucalan bath after I've dyed it. I will sort of bury my face in there and inhale deeply. Unless there is silk in the blend. Wet hot silk smells like crotch.

5. I don't like reading the news until it becomes history.

6. I have a terrible sense of direction; North is always directly in front of me. Or else I'm a narcissist. Not sure which.

7. There are books, movies and songs (many of them embarrassing) that I never get tired of and can read, watch and listen to over and over. Not in a row, just when I am in certain moods.


Lothlorian said...

heeehee JAYNE your my kinda people LOL

Gaile said...

You are too funny (I love the last sentence in #4, it made me snort coffee). And we have numbers 3 and 6 in common! :-D

HobbyZu said...

lol You crack me up! I fool around with my kids all the time as well and they think I'm insane. (but in a good way) :-) That crotch thing is funny, I say that too! he-he!

Madge said...

Silk smells like WHAT?! *gack snort*

Reasoning E'Bert said...

Number four just cracks me up. It's just like something my best friend would say.

I look forward to my new yarn. Thanks for making such lovely colours.