Thursday, November 30, 2006

This 'n That

Happiness is a hamster...

Happiness is no more jaw pain. I got my mouth guard from the dentist last Friday. We have begun a wonderful new friendship. I posed it on the yarn, well, because how attractive can a mouth appliance be? show it that I have no hard feelings that it cost me more yarn money than I even want to think about.

Happiness is a new project.

Okay, that's not happy. I bought this pattern for the Karabella Bramble Stitch Jacket a few years ago. I've been wanting to make it for all that time. Some lovely Berroco Touche came along, and I thought spring, not winter. Something sporty and cottony, not wool.

I HATE this pattern! How was I supposed to know two years ago that "brambles" were actually little lumpy bobble things? I mean, crap! How much fun is it to knit/purl/knit in one stitch and then purl 3 together over and over and over again. I had a headache after four small rows at the cuff of a sleeve. It doesn't even look all that great. Am I going to wear these lumpy little things all over my torso?? I am not. I hated knitting even the four rows it took to reach the decision that I was never ever going to work anything in bramble stitch. Maybe I could do it in seed stitch instead, but sheesh! Does anyone want the pattern??

The yarn is so delightfully soft (decadently soft), and it seems to like wide ribs just fine. And so do I. Now I have a job to do. I want to make a pullover like one I saw in a store last week. I would have bought the one in the store, but it went almost to my knees. No thanks. The pullover was done in six by two ribs and has a deep opening at the neck for the t-shirt to show. It had a hood too. I have quite a bit of the touche, but going to have to see if the front works the way I want -- and if there is enough for a hood. I'm on an orange kick this year.

Happiness is new snips 'n skeins from Elann. These are Elann's December Tuesday yarns. I like 'em all. Look out Visa! They are Mr Joe Blanket (Mr Joe is back in town); Classic Elite Skye Tweed; Classic Elite Beatrice (very soft!), and Diamond Desire (silk and cashmere DK, does it get any better than that??)

These are a bunch of my sample skeins from the last three or four months. I was thinking of making hats with a basic yarn, leftovers from my stash most likely, and working in the like-minded colours as accents. I can see about three hats here. Curious to see how it works out.

I was excited to hear that HUGe has penetrated Canada customs. Can mine be far behind??


junior_goddess said...

I hate bobbles, nupps, whatever. They are rarely effective, and look better on small children, or in very small, specific areas.

jayne said...

I totally agree.

For some reason, I thought that Bramble stitch was going to be like seeds or something. You can imagine my despair when I had to do that k1/p1/K1, P3tog routine. I knew right away there wasn't a chance in hell.