Friday, November 24, 2006


The weather has been depressing. The weather has been so depressing that there is an acronym for it: SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It is a kind of depression that is brought on by a lack of sunlight due to winter and/or poor weather conditions. We have had one steady deluge since the beginning of November.

I do not suffer from SAD. I have my own affective disorder, and it is not seasonal. For me, it is a year-round kind of thing. The weather doesn't help, but I can live with it. What tends to get me down is when life feels overwhelming, and I just don't have the "gas" in my tank to deal with it. My body packs it in very easily at such times -- just goes on strike and refuses to cooperate. Then it's best to pull in all my drawbridges and wait to weather out the storm.

My jaw is easing up. Two weeks of doing essentially nothing has given my body the break it needed to begin to make repairs. I feel like I have shrunk down to about 10% of my normal size, but I am on my feet again. If wobbly.

I saw my therapist today. She has retracted her earlier injunction against knitting now that I have slowed down to pay attention again. Naturally she will be thrilled if I knit her a little something for Christmas. I checked. She wants a hat.

It was sunny for about five minutes when I came out. I was already dressed and out of the house, so I decided to head downtown to Urban Yarns. I have hardly bought any yarn lately, and I figured I was due. Something cheerful.

Is this not the cheerfulest thing ever??

I bought two balls of Katia Mexico in bright/funky colourways. For hats.

I also bought one skein of Fleece Artist Merino Sock Yarn. Theirs is sooooo nice. Again with the cheerful colour mix. It's called Pinata. These will probably be for me :)

And this one is for pure animal comfort. It's Drops pure alpaca in an exquisite green heather. Sport weight, and a good value at 180 yds per 50 gram ball. Something lacy, I'm thinking.

Slow-motion knitting continues. I finished the first boot sock and started on the second one. People have encouraged me to get off the DPN's, but I don't mind them. They make me clench my jaw because I put more tension on the yarn when I'm knitting socks. I have to un-learn the clenching part. I really can't stand circular needles and only use them when I have no choice. Sock #1 is super comfortable, so I cast on #2 before I could get distracted.

I'm working my way up the front of the second piece of the Pamir sweater. Someone wanted to know what pattern it is. It is my pattern. I'm making it up as I go along. If you like it when it's done, I'll post the pattern on the blog.

I heard a rumour that SOME people are already receiving their HUGe boxes. Can't wait!!


junior_goddess said...

I used Katia Mexico last year-I really liked it.

Funny that you were banned from knitting until just before Christmas when it was time to make something for your therapist. Don'tcha think?

Lisa W. said...

yummy yummy yarn porn. perfect antidote for suckass weather. you're right about the green--looks so energetic and inspiring. Check out the DROPS website for lots of cute free patterns using that yarn. I'm still only on pg 30 of 59 of their ladies patterns. i have to tell you when i first read your title...i thought.."what...jayne made a spelling error?" then i got it during/after reading your post. you are so clever. and i am such a dork. glad you are feeling better. your pamir sweater is coming along gawjously. have a great day!

jayne said...

you know, Bets, the thought had crossed my mind...

She's only human after all.

Ha! Lisa -- I'm a dork too. I just disguise it with clever word games. LOL

CatBookMom said...

Clever title, gorgeous green yarn, and the rest are pretty great, too! Glad you're feeling a bit better.

benne said...

Good haul, Jayne! I love all those colors. You're not the only knitter who clenches, I once read a whole thread about it at KR. Hope you'e feeling better looking at those colors.

Karen (Lunadog) said...

Check out Rabbitch's hat site (Hat Challenge Information). I sent her a hat based on Matt's hat. Note the subtle (or not so subtle?)Jayne Cobb reference. Hope it makes you smile!