Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'd Rather be...

Well...back in Tofino actually. It was sunny and quite warm for two of the days we were there.

The weather here at home is pissy. No...worse than pissy. It is windy and pouring rain. It has been windy and pouring rain for five days now. Parts of the city are flooding. It feels like one of the plagues of Egypt. And while I'm complaining, I'll add that very little knitting has been done around here the last few days on account of my shoulder and neck. It's an old pain in the...(well you get the idea) for which I see a chiro and a massage therapist nearly weekly. Some weeks I can ignore it and some weeks I can't. Today is so bad that it is throbbing right up into my jaw. Between that and the rain, I'm not a very happy camper.

I'd rather think about happier days last week. Was it only a week ago?? This is the house where we stayed. If you squint a bit, you can see it hiding behind those trees. We had the entire lower floor. In the first picture, I'm relaxing out front on the wooden deck.

Doug chose to relax in the sun room extension of our suite. Can you see the title of the book he's reading? I thought this was an odd way to relax and mentioned that to him. I might have been laughing (at him) when I did so.

We didn't even need jackets on the third day.

The third day was very very calm compared to the stormy first day. On the middle day, we climbed up the rocks on that far end of the beach and watched the waves. They were still pretty whipped up from the storm the day before.

Yesterday, I got my first white box from Elann in over a month! Aren't I good? I have to say that I was very excited to receive it. Doug went out to get the mail, and came back into the house shouting: "White Box!!" Music to my ears...

Nobody packs a box like the folks at Elann. That green stuff is the Cedar Baby Cashmere for R's prayer shawl. I didn't post a better picture of it this time because it looked blueish in the pix. It is a true green (not blue), but likes to fake out the camera.

It's a ball...
It's a skein...
It's Super Tweed!

Elann's Super Tweed is super springy...super cushy...super pretty!

I just got the two balls each of my four favorite colours and still can't decide which colour I want a sweater in. Doug's getting a ribbed toque in the brown mix.

Well, maybe I'll pretend that I'm not aching and knit a few more rows on Doug's toque.


CatBookMom said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a lovely bit of time out there in the sun. Tomorrow my Tweed may come, maybe, plus my first bit of Devon. I'm just finishing the 2nd earflap hat from your pattern. Pix later in the week, when all 3 are done.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I feel like I just took a quick little vacation myself. The sunroom and the porch look so warm and inviting. It made me feel lazy. I want a vacation too!

The supertweed is calling me. I love seeing everyone's white boxes--especially when I haven't seen one around here in weeks (note: I can't say "months.") Looking forward to seeing a finished supertweedy!

Lisa W. said...

great photos jayne, yet another talent! Tofino looks like a great place for a break. I will enjoy your new yarn vicariously. Looks like the supertweed is a winner for sure.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, but especially the one of Doug reading the book and waving to you. I have a good friend who collects such pictures. He took one of me waving to him about 27 years ago, and I laugh to see the progression of my age in his photos; still waving the same way, but smiling in the pics, nevertheless.