Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Still Basking in That Pamir Glow

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments on the Pamir sweater. I really did have a good time working out the details. You should have seen my first attempt at the sleeve cap! :)

People have commented on how well the stripes line up. It's not hard to do at all. I'll give some details about how to do that when I post the pattern. The neckline is a smooth V -- it looks notched because of the t-shirt I'm wearing underneath. This smooth V (without any bulky seeds or ribs) is one of my faves. I use it on lots of sweaters, even when they don't call for it. I'll describe how to do that too.

As to when all this information will arrive...soonish, I hope. Pattern writing is BORING.

I did indeed wear the sweater with pride last night when Doug and I went out to Bond. And as for Bond...I read all the original Bond books before I saw many of the movies and was always disappointed that none of the Bonds quite captured the original Bond (half monk/half thug). They were far too suave and not nearly tough enough. Sean Connery was always my favorite because he wore it well. Timothy Dalton caught it better than the others but didn't last. Now I finally have a Bond that fits the picture. Daniel Craig's bond is as tough and elastic as a wild cat, as thug as the job requires, and just a wee bit tormented. I loved it!!!


smariek said...

Sean Connery is one of my faves too. I'll have to see if DH & I can make it out to the Bond movie before it leaves the theatres ... maybe we'll try to do that next time we're at the inlaws. ;-)

Sandra D said...

Jayne, I think you hit it on the nose as far as the appeal of the newest JB, "wee bit tormented" and vulnerable, as well as the physicality...OK, that's for ME, the thrilling chase scenes for my sons!
I'm looking forward to your instructions for shaping the clean-lined V-neck :-).