Tuesday, November 21, 2006

See-Jayne-Knit in Slo-Mo

OK, I'm blogging, but what I really want to do is complain. I want to whynge, whimper, whine, roll around on the floor and moan. I have this tiny little jaw issue called TMJ. I'm sure that some of you have just clapped your hand to the side of your face and let out a little mew of sympathy. You know what I'm talking about.

I don't think that I have ever been so thoroughly disabled by such a small part of my anatomy. I've fallen on my tail bone. I've had root canal. I've given birth. But all those things healed faster than this (and hurt less). I've got some chronic things that I've lugged around for years and years, but they come and go. This thing comes and brings a beer fridge.

The bottom line is that I've done a lot of jaw management and very little knitting over the last two weeks. OK, Doug got a hat. That was last week. This week I've done about three quarters of a sock. See?

The yarn is Phildar Legende, a sweet little blend of wool, acrylic and alpaca in a DK weight. It's soft and tweedy and of comfort to my fingers (they want to knit). I'm making a pair of boot socks.

I'm supposed to notice whenever I clench my jaw. Turns out, I clench my jaw when I knit on DPN's. So the sock is a lesson in self-awareness. I knit a few rows, work on relaxing my jaw, and repeat. After about an inch I put it down and go back and lay on the heat pack.

The other project I've had on needles for several weeks is this Pamir sweater. I started one version of this a month or so ago, but I've frogged that. I'm making it up as I go along, and that other one wasn't going along the way I wanted. I like the way this one is going though. This is the back.

The great thing about Pamir is that it is dead easy to spit-splice tails together. All those stripes, and no tails to weave in later...nice...

I've started the front. It's going to have a v-neck. The sleeves will have larger solid colour blocks and a few stripes just to connect to the front and back a bit.

The Pamir is nice to knit. Soft and comfy in the hands and very little clenching. :)


junior_goddess said...

The Pamir is a pretty color mix, Jayne. It looks so nice, you should be smiling, not clenching.


Suzann said...

Jayne get that sock off of the dpns and onto 2 circular needles. You will be much more relaxed.
I am sorry you are having jaw pain. It is awful.
The Pamir looks lovely

Go take care of yourself

CatBookMom said...

The sweater looks great! You have so much talent when it comes to color (and stripes!). Try 2 circs for the socks and get Doug to give you a nice shoulder massage; it helps with the TMJ, since the jawbone's connected to the neckbone, and .....

Lisa W. said...

more medication...please! felt that you weren't feeling up to snuff since you hadn't posted in a couple days. i'll give you lots of tea and sympathy. your sock looks like fun though. love the contrasting heels/toes. hope things are better soon.

jayne said...

Hey, it's great to have company again. Thanks all for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your jaw pain! I wish I had one of those inversion devices, where it allows someone to hang upside down; I'd send it right over!. Sometimes when I just lean over and let my arms hang, it relieves some of the pain to my neck and jaw. I also find that when I lay my forehead on my coffee table, it takes some pressure away from my jaw and neck.

SooZ said...

I say ditto to all the comments above! Is the Pamir pattern from Kpixie? I ordered the Cropped Cardi pattern today!