Thursday, September 20, 2007

What A Pal!

Ever notice that I measure my "tomorrows" in weeks or months? Seems that way at least. Okay, I promised some action on my sockapalooza bonanza-of-goodies, and here it is!

My sock-pal lives in Anchorage Alaska, and she is wonderfully generous, as I have found other Alaskans to be. You can find her at her blog Knitting Escape, and hey! Look at that. Not only does she blog about as often as I do, but her last entry was about MY socks. You can find all the lovely details there.

Aren't they beauties?? My package arrived and I couldn't believe it. Lacy patterned socks just for me. I only ever knit plain stockinette socks, so my feet were feeling pretty special in their new socks. I had to sit and reflect for a moment that someone I've never met knit me such a lovely pair of socks.

One happy foot:

Two happy feet:

The socks came gift wrapped, and they were not alone. They came with a bunch of Alaskan goodies, including chocolates (notice they are absent from the photos, wonder why?), and yarny gifties.

Thanks, Barbara! You're a peach!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks!!!! :O) samm in Ontario

Ghislaine said...

Very lovely socks and gifts!

Given the number of socks I knit, I really should join one of those sock swaps!

jayne said...

You'd be a natch, ghislaine!