Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sock On!

Yes! Knitting has been happening around here lately.

I finished my socks done in handspun sock yarn that I bought from Yummy Yarn at etsy. I love her handspun and have bought several skeins from her. This skein was called Rosie Toesies. The dark bits you see on one sock's leg and the other's toe came from a second skein of YY that happened to match.

My work requires me to spend a lot of time on the computer, so I have been happy to grab any time away to knit. It is a treat to work with DRY yarn for a change, and I enjoy the simplicity of working on basic socks. Plus I love to wear them when they are finished.

This is my latest pair in progress. I bought this handspun from Knittin Pretty at etsy. The shop is new, and she hasn't posted many yarns, but they are already popular. I bought this blue superwash merino called Lapis and another skein pictured below.

I knit Rosie-Toesies on 4.0mm for the cuffs and 3.75mm for the rest. The Lapis yarn is a bit finer, so I'm knitting them on 3.25mm. I have to admit that I really like slightly heavier sock yarns. I took my Lapis sock and sock in progress over to a friend's house on Thursday. She is a new knitter, but when she tried on the sock, she was hooked on the desire to knit her own socks.

My other yarn from Knittin Pretty is called Wild Thing, and I absolutely LOVE it. My favorite colours. The put up is a whopping 608 yards, which is a really good deal for the price I paid. Keeping in mind that handspun is pricey, of course.

Here is another little goodie that I picked up from etsy. A sock knitting bag that I bought from Stuck in Illinois. This woman makes lovely little sock knitting bags in all kinds of fun fabrics, and she sells them for only $10.00. And that includes shipping!

I bought this Coffee Cups bag first, and it is really well made. Fully lined, light, and just the right size for a sock project. I take it everywhere. It sits on the floor or beside me and holds my ball of yarn while I knit.

I liked it so much that I've ordered a second one. It is in the mail, but you can see it HERE.

And just one more bit of show and tell...

I think this is my favorite skein of yarn ever. Ever. I bought it from an etsy shop in the UK. I love the name of this shop: Shunklies.

She called this skein Walk in the Woods, and it is so soft and squishy and beautifully spun. It has all my favorite yarny colours and in some lovely combinations. The yarn is on the chunky side, and it is a huge skein (200g/220yds). I'm thinking scarf knit on big needles. I can hardly keep my hands off it and can't wait to knit it, but I also can't really bear the thought of rolling it into a ball.

I'm already wearing the pink socks again. They went back on my feet as soon as I finished photographing them. Now I think I want to go and roll around in yarny goodness.


Libby said...

Looks like you have been having some fun over there! Good for you!

Raven said...

What great yarns. I think that Etsy is amazing how it brings people and yarn together.

Anna said...

The yarns you're knitting with are gorgeous. Thanks for a wonderful review of your coffee cups bag!
Happy Knitting!!

Lothlorian said...

oh I need to order another piratey sock bag like I need a hole in the head LOL...must....resist...

the yarns are all lovely and shunks is a sweetie!

Lisa W. said...

love those socks! both the pinky reds and the greeny blues...right up my alley! and love that gorgeous can destash that one right this direction any old time...luscious stuff there. Thanks for the etsy links. good to see you back on the 'net jayne.

Anonymous said...

Yummmmmmmmmm!!!! Such beautiful yarns and colours. I'm happy that you show all these yarns because then I have a good idea where to go and what I'd be ordering. ;O) And sock yarn does NOT count toward stash. Love the little bag, too. Going there to look around.... Thanks again! samm

Fancy said...

I love those pink socks! I am jealous...learned how to knit once but I forgot :(