Monday, September 24, 2007

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Okay, maybe it's not the Great Pumpkin. It's a skein of hand dyed and hand spun yarn that I bought from Tiny Airplanes where else but at etsy of course. She calls this one October.


The yarn arrived a few days ago as an installment of a six-month yarn club that I bought from Tiny Airplanes. I have never joined a sock yarn club (and probably never will), but I am on my third funky art yarns club. I've done one round of the Insubordiknit art yarn club, and then I signed up with Tiny Airplanes. I think I might be the only person in that club, but hey, it works for me. Then I signed on for another three months with Insubordiknit 'cuz Jacey has me thoroughly addicted to her crazy ass yarns.

I had to wonder about Tiny Airplanes' club. Her yarns are really pretty, soft and fun, but the club was ridiculously cheap. So much so, that I think she is paying me for knitting with her yarn. I feel ever so slightly guilty. For a second or two. And then it passes.

The mystery was solved today. I liked that skein of October so much that I snapped off a quick photo and immediately wound it into a big fat ball. I mean we're talking about 130grams and over 100 yards of this beauty. I had a fun pair of cozy fingerless mitts knitted up in about five minutes. I'm already on my second pair. Then I emailed her to ask if she would mind if I sold mitts made with her yarns in my etsy shop.

She is thrilled with the idea. After all, she doesn't knit. WHAAAAAAAT????

A. How can anyone who isn't a knitter or crocheter create such highly knittable (and I'm assuming crochetable) yarn?


B. How can she resist? I mean Sheesh!

Now I know why I'm getting such a deal. Shhhhh....don't tell her.


Raven said...

A spinner who doesnt knit. I've heard of such creatures existing in the world, but I thought they were myths.

Lisa W. said...

shameless enabler you are....i'm thinking i need yarn o the month too...but obviously i dont need it...just lusting after other folks' stuff.

jayne said...

Well, we always need delight, don't we? Isn't that a necessary part of life??

Hi Raven! I had heard of that creature too, but couldn't imagine it either.