Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!!!!!

Today, my kids went back to school.

Technically, yesterday was the first day of school, but since they only went for an hour to satisfy some attendance-taking requirement, I call that the bait-and-switch back to school day.

Today was the day that they left the house, caught buses and remained gone until about 4:00. THAT is my definition of the first day of school.

I love my kids, but summer is long, and they get bored.

Today I walked around the house in my underwear.

Okay, I didn't do that, but I could have if had wanted to.

I was supposed to post all the lovely things that my sockapalooza4 pal sent me, but I lost my good photography light, so it will have to happen tomorrow. I'll leave a sticky note on my laptop to remind me.

I will also post progress on my second pink sock, which I'm hoping to finish tonight.

I noticed that a lot of you were interested in the handspun sock yarn. I find that you have to haunt the place (etsy) a bit to nab the really good stuff. Since I'm such a nice person, I will tell you how to haunt some of the best places.

Way #1: Go to Etsy Front Page; click on buy; categories: There are two categories for finding great yarn in the order that it gets listed. Those categories are KNITTING and SUPPLIES/handmade. I scan these listings regularly since those are the categories in which I list my items too.

Way#2: Go to Etsy Front Page; click on buy, and use the search bar. Plug in handspun yarn, and it will show you all the listings from most recent back.

Way#3: Go to my Etsy shop; scroll down, while scanning the right hand sidebar. You will come to a box with my Fishy Wishy avatar, under which will say profile and then favorites. If you click on my favorites (items/sellers), you can see a lot of the yarn shops that I like to say nice things about on my blog. I check those stores fairly regularly for new listings.

If you have your own Etsy account, you can "heart" or favorite shops and items that you like and build up your own library of shops to stalk.

Since this has been a very wordy post with no eye-candy, I will leave you with some eye candy from my own shop.

Canadian Maple: making its debut as a sock yarn

ChocolateBerry Truffle (mmmm)

The cutest stitch markers: Wasabi World (they look like little wasabi planets to me)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne.. I love the Chocolate Berry Truffle colorway. I went to your Etsy Shop but could not find it ?? Is it available?

MariHana said...

Jayne, I hear ya! I love my kids to death but being alone in my own home for the first time in 14 years is priceless. I finally did what I've been wanting to do forever--knit in the buff while eating Doritos. I might have even watched Jerry Springer for a teeny tiny short while. Hey, if you're going to celebrate and indulge, go whole hog. It's all about the guilty pleasures... By the way, Hana is STILL talking about Daisy :)

jayne said...

Gail, it sold! (that fast)

I can make more. Send me an email if you're interested.

Hi Mary (waves). Daisy is up in the kitchen these days, so she and I keep each other company. Hi to Hana.

Lisa W. said...

mmmm...chocolate berry that's a color after my own heart! you've gotta recreate that dye recipe! and those wasabi planet markers...oh baby...yarn jewelry!
glad your kids are back in school and you get some good Jayne time!

Madge said...

"Bait and switch back to school day" - hahaha.

Mmm that Chocolate Berry Truffle is DIVINE.

Raven said...

I adore the new Canadian yarn. Darn my self imposed torture. If I hadn't started a yarn diet, I would have snapped that up right away.

It's nice to see so many people listing your yarns on raverly.

I hope you enjoy the school term.