Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hey Buddy, Can You Help a Knitter Out?

Here is a wonderful knitting opportunity for anyone who lives in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. I know you're out there...

My friend Kirsten is the creative genius behind Yummy Yarn on etsy. The pink socks I blogged about yesterday were knitted with yarn she spun. She dyes, spins, and knits beautifully. She also designed that Full of Holes Triangular Scarf that many of you admired and then promptly went out and purchased the pattern.

Now, how would you like to take a knitting class with a knitter like that????

She just emailed me to ask for my help. She is scheduled to teach a knitting class at our local arts centre in Port Moody. The class is on how to knit sweaters without a pattern, and it will be on Wednesday evenings, starting (I think) this Wednesday.

The problem is that she is short one or two people to make the class full enough for her to teach. If she doesn`t get the extra bodies, they will cancel the class.

If this appeals to you, you will need to contact the arts centre by Tuesday to register. The centre is a fun, relaxed venue for classes. And Kirsten is really nice, I promise.

Here is the detail on the class:

Basic Sweaters (Ages 16+)
Instructor: Kirsten Z.
$75.67 includes registration & tax
7-8:30pm Wed (7 classes Sept 26-Nov 7)
Only recently have knitters been given
painstakingly detailed instructions to work
with. In the past, knitters learned formulas
and techniques rather than patterns, and
they made sweaters to fit the wool, the occasion,
and the person. In this class, you
will be guided through designing and knitting
your own sweater to fit. Students may
choose from one of several basic sweater
types: yoked, raglan, saddle shoulder, or
*Supply list available at registration
Pre-req: basic skills of knit, purl, increase,
decrease, cast on, cast off.

So, if this sounds like fun for you or a friend, or you and a friend, or your mother-in-law, or that neighbour down the street who keeps talking about knitting a sweater, then this is a great opportunity to Knit On!

Here is a link to the Port Moody Arts Centre, which will give you all the contact information you need to register.


Joan said...

Gee, if there weren't 3000 miles bt us, I'd definitely be there! ;-}

PS..great socks, Jayne! I'm glad they are giving your pleasure for YOU. I think your first venture was a pr for DH?

jayne said...

Hiya Joan!

I did recently knit a pair for DH, but I've knit lots of socks before. Just all plain cuz that's the way I likes to knit 'em.

My very first pair was way back when I first started chatting at elann. They were some Regia stripedy something or other, and they fit me. and they fit my mom. And in a fit of kindness I let her take them home with her.

Minnie~Knits said...

Hi Jayne! I really admired that yarn you used for those socks. I've never used handspun but I hope to someday. I like the way it looks when different colors are plied together, I love how it looks uneven, but more beautiful at the same time.

YummyYarn said...

We're up to two official registrants, and a third person who is seriously considering the class. Keep sending 'vibes' my way. It's working!

YummyYarn said...

We have achieved three people! The class will go ahead!

Not that I'd say no to more people, of course, but I figure this term is for building a reputation as a teacher, getting the word out about these classes, and working the kinks out of my teaching. As long as I make more than babysitting wages (or Starbucks wages), I consider it to be in the plus column.

jayne said...