Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of a Socka-Pal-LOSER

I even bought a book and everything!

The Sockapalooza-4 deadline draweth nigh, and I must confess that I will cross the finish line, but not with brilliance.

I joined up with high hopes. I dyed special yarn. I bought a book of sock patterns. My pal was going to get a brilliant pair of socks. I was going to leave mysterious and witty messages on her blog.


I sold off her yarn. Never opened the book. She doesn't have a blog. And I never contacted her. I consoled myself on that last point with the reminder that my pal never contacted me either, but then my pal did. About two weeks ago. Hmmph.

So if you have a blog, you are not my pal. Ditto that if you have heard from your pal. It wasn't me. I didn't send you a care package, or a note, or leave chocolates on your pillow. And you are not getting the latest craze in sock patterns done in thread-like yarn on itty bitty needles.


You will get a lovely pair of well-executed stockinette stitch socks in my much-coveted Butterscotch Rowan Pure Wool DK that was dyed by me. They will be done on time and in the mail as soon as I get back from camp on August 4. They will arrive accompanied by a nice skein of sock yarn, also dyed by me, a card, and a set of stitch markers.

So I'm not a total loser.

I'm away for a bit, but my shop is stocked with all kinds of things, and you are welcome to browse and even to buy, as long as you don't mind waiting a bit for your item(s) to ship. I just posted two more offerings of the Cash Tweed. Each is a 100gram skein currently available...until it is not. The last two flew away very quickly.



PS. I got my gold pirate-tooth today, and it feels great!

PS2. I will actually take pictures up at camp this year so that y'all can see how glorious it is.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip to the little Island.Thank you for the yarn,I just love the color.
Ann on Lillian St

Minnie~Knits said...

wowsa, is that *gorgeous*...
I needs me some money...

Lothlorian said...

oooohh rivendell...why did you have to release that :P

the first yarn I got from you arrived today honey, I will convo you later with details of times etc

Its BEAUTIFUL I want to cast on this very minute and think I will as I have no yarn OTN at the moment!!!

benne said...

Love the Rivendell! Glad to hear you've got that new bit of bling in your mouth. ;-} Have fun at camp, it sounds like exhausting fun.

Madge said...

Have a great time at camp!

Lisa W. said...

have a fun lil vacay...and wow did that cash-tweed dye up beautifully....too bad i already have way way too much yarn or i'd haveto have me some of that too! surprize (you'll figure that part out soon!)

Life's a Stitch said...

I've only joined one swap - way too much pressure. And that postage!