Friday, July 20, 2007

At Long Last Blog

Reasons I have not been blogging:

Can't be bothered
Too damn hot
Too damn lazy
Too many distractions
Too many people in my house (read: kids home for summer holidays)

In other news...

Catbookmom came to visit, and that was FUN! Catbookmom, Lunadog, and plain 'ol Jayne went out for a pub dinner and then back to my house on the HOTTEST DAY EVER. Seriously. It was the hottest day in Vancouver's recorded weather history. Hotter than the gates of hell. Hot.
But we still had a riot.

It was also too hot to take pictures, but I do have two from the day that CBM came and spent an afternoon and evening chez See-Jayne-Knit.

Good pic of CBM....and uh...Jayne having a Forest Gump photo moment.

Ah...that's better. CBM brought a knitting project that she was knitting in yarn dyed by me! My yarn had come back home again. And it was looking very pretty as it Sunray'ed along.

What I'm Knitting

I decided that my sock pal was getting the infamous Butterscotch socks that have set so many knitters to drooling. They are nearly done. I will make the deadline! More on this later.

I am also knitting myself a pair of socks in some lovely and funky hand dyed and spun yarn from a fellow etsian (how Jayne spends her money). The yarn is called creamsicle, and she spun it with little coils peppered in there that give it a fun texture. More on this later.

What I am Dyeing:

I bought some of's new and limited Cash-Tweed yarn to see how it would dye. Colour choices were very limited by the time I got there, but I still got some useful yarn to play around with. Unless I hit a colorway that I absolutely adore, every batch will be a one of a kind. So if you see something you like, I wouldn't wait.

This is my first effort. I dyed two balls tied together, so the put-up is 100g/392yds, and the yarn bloomed and got much softer with dyeing. I'm calling it Stormy Seas. The colour came out rich and saturated, and that warm coffee brown is really something else (love that). I don't think I will repeat this one, so like I said, if it makes your heart go pitty pat...

A particularly lovely batch of Copper Blaze Kid Mohair:

And a new colorway in Blue Face Leicester that makes my heart go Pitty-Pat! I'm calling it Sun Kissed.

All these are currently in shop with lots of others and a whole lotta stitch marker sets. I didn't know that I would be in the stitch marker biz until I listed a few and they took off. Now it is a fairly large part of what I do. Who knew?


CatBookMom said...

First!! Your pix of us are even better than my pix of us, lol! That Doug takes a good photo. And oh, yeah, did we have fun!!!

Both pairs of socks look lovely, and it seems you and I are in the same yarn color/frame of mind. I finished the first 246yd skein of Apricot on my Sun Ray, and I need to dig out the other skein and keep going while I've got my mojo working.

The new color on the Cash-Tweed is stunning, and I want it, but lordy do I have enough yarn or what? If no one else grabs that gorgeous stuff, there's a home for it Chez CBM. But surely someone will call dibs on it.

CatBookMom said...

The current verification word is 'yhuupurn'. D'you think they're trying to say 'yarn p0rn'?

jayne said...


Lothlorian said...

my gosh woman!!! stop doing nicer and nicer colours!!!! wow they look ace, love the buttery socks too mmm droollyyyyy

glad you updated here too as I visit everyday to check ;)

dunno if you got me email but the st markers arrived and I love them, they go with my skully needle rolls and soon to come Jack onkey toes bag heehe

Madge said...

Sounds like you're keeping plenty busy with friends, family and fun. And Sun Kissed is the perfect fun in the sun summer colorway!

Stay cool!

Gaile said...

Hey Jayne, I guess you're glad to see the rain too? The cooling off will be nice and the hay out our way can use the moisture but it'll be nice when the sun is back again (just not the extreme heat). Your socks look great btw. I was knitting lace in the worst of the heat, thinking the holes would keep me cooler (didn't really work though)!

Karin said...

Love the pictures of you two! You are both adorable! Jayne you have to stop with the yarn teasing - I already have enough yarn to open a shop and just one pair of hands :).

Lisa W. said...

looks like good times were had by all. nice butterscotch sox and great yarny pornness there jayne!

Evelyn said...

Hi Jayne
I'm so glad you updated your blog. As much as I loved your story about the Krusty-O's, I was really getting tired of seeing it every time I checked to see if you had written more.
Your dying skills have really taken off. The colours you are offering are fantastic. Must have been fun to have a skein "come home" to show you what's it's been up to.

Anonymous said...

You girls had too much fun! Jayne, you really do need to get yourself a title, like "Master Dyer", or something like that. You work is stunning.

TracyKM said...

I love the summery colours!
I took a dyeing class, and the woman made a giant skein using two balls at once, held together, so that they would be the same once dyed. I was thinking about doing that, but then thought? How do you re-ball it, two ends at the same time?! You'd need two people?