Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stupid Plastic Tooth

I'm longing for two things these days: autumn, and a new tooth.

Autumn isn't happening for a while, so I'm dreaming about it with dye. This one is called: The Leaves Dream of Autumn. (the leaves aren't alone...)

The tooth is happening on Thursday, so that feels somewhat in reach. Right now I have a stupid plastic tooth instead of one of my upper molars. I hate it. Last week I spent the proverbial about-as-much-fun-as-two-hours-in-the-dentist's-chair two hours.

I brought my iPod since there is only so much classic 1970's music I can stand, and that's all that plays at my dentist's office. At least we can laugh about it since she and I are almost the same age. Depressing Harry Chapin ballad reminds her of depressing Dan Fogelburg ballad, and just as we are laughing at the comparison, the Fogelburg dirge comes on. That really gets us laughing.

If we were laughing, it couldn't have been that bad, right? In some ways not. I like my dentist. I really do. Having suffered a lifetime of severe dental anxiety (with reason), this dentist has redeemed a lot of that for me by being who she is. She has a beautiful new office with comfy chairs and NO shaming, humiliating, or disgusting dental posters on her walls. That alone endeared her to me pretty quickly. And she is kind. And gentle.

So she kindly, gently drilled and grinded my molar for almost two hours last week, without anaesthesia (the tooth is dead anyway). I took my Xanax and listened to my iPod, and I survived. But I left with a temporary plastic tooth that feels like a clunker in my mouth. I can feel the edges of it. It doesn't feel like a tooth at all, and my tongue won't leave it alone. I liked the broken tooth better.

I finished sock one in the hand-dyed and spun yarn I bought at etsy. You can check out the yarn and link to her shop HERE.

And I dyed my second skein of the elann Cash Tweed last night in a colour I'm simply calling Blaze. More dreaming of autumn. I love this colorway. I will definitely be doing a few more like this one. And keeping one for myself while I'm at it.

Man-Boy demonstrates the difference between Cash Tweed before and after dyeing. Hopefully you can also see how much fuller and fluffier it becomes with washing.


CatBookMom said...

Deep sympathy for the necessity for such dental work. I've spent many, many hours under novocaine; why can't they find a less-painful way to administer it?? IMO it hurts more than the grinding, etc.

The new Blaze is gorgeous, as is the Autumn. Girlfriend, you just keep coming up with more gorgeous colorways!!! You'd think I was exaggerating if I said you had some that are prettier than Fleece Artist, so I won't say that.

Hope your jaw & tooth feel better soon.

jayne said...

Ah, thank you (all around).

Yup, I was grateful that she did not need to anaesthetize. That made it a whole lot easier. But my jaw and neck were very sore after.

Thursday should be quick and easy. Just an installation. I'm getting a porcelain and gold tooth. Should I be saying "Arrrrrhhhh" a lot after that? ;)

I love the autumn colours. Can't keep my hands off them. Thinking sweatery thoughts.

Wool Girl said...

I love that colorway...the Leaves Dream of Autumn! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, so this sock yarn warms my heart! :)

Lothlorian said...

lovely new colours MRS :)

I hate the dentist too and fake teeth do just feel wrong, I have a porcelain one and it took me an age to get used to it and like you say to stop touching it.

I hate the dentist, I get severe pain in my jaw and struggle to keep my mouth wide enough, I have to have work done on a back molar in two weeks and I am dreading it!

Your dentist sounds lovely for autumn not yet please the summer still hasnt happened here yet, its so dpressing

TracyKM said...

I recently went through the same dental issue, and also have severe dental anxiety. I realized that I don't like the dentist, not because of pain, because there is usually none after the extra dose of freezing, LOL, but because I don't like laying there, exposed, with all that attention devoted to me for so long. I also have a child size mouth!
As a tip for getting the freezing....if they go really slow, it's usually not too bad.
I was shocked at how much pressure my dentist had to use when glueing in the permanent crown. I thought she was going to push it right through my head.
Hope you like your new crown! LOL.

Joan said...

I always do xanax before the dentist. And each time he remarks to me, "wow, you are such an easy patient, so relaxed". LOL.

benne said...

I just love those new colorways, Jayne! I keep looking at the pictures, drinking in the colors of autumn. About that tooth, been there, done that several times and it's always a PITA. Many sympathies for any dental work, but the grinding, yikes! Keep heart, fall will be here in a month or so, I'm ready too!

Heathir said...

Hi. Nice blog. I'm hoping you can help me out.

I can't find information on the Cash Tweed yarn anywhere, and I'd love to make a shawl that calls for that yarn. Can you tell me the weight/yardage for a skein of the Cash Tweed?

Anonymous said...

Awesome, gorgeous colors!

Sheeps Clothing said...

Ooh - dental work - devils work. Love the colours in the leaves / autumn yarn - really pretty!

Anonymous said...


I am in England and looking on web to take my mind off my dental problems when I found your blog. I have had a loose bridge cut in half and re-cemented yeasterday. I know what you mean about your tongue not leaving it alone, mine was getting so irritated that I went back to dentist this morning for re-adjustment. I think I will follow your example and do something creative to take my mind off it. Hope your teeth are better soon. Marilyn

Amalia said...

Do you have any more of the "The leaves dream of autumn" colourway? I've been searching for a nice fall -look yarn to knit a shawl for my brother's bride... yours is the first yarn I've seen that comes CLOSE... and it's PERFECT!

if you have some (I couldn't find any on your Etsy page), please message me back on my blog or at Thank you!

Kimberly said...

Hi. So terrified of the plastic tooth. I've been trying to google some information on it forever. I'd be getting one to cover up a mission tooth until they can put in an implant, but now I'm terrified that its going to feel strange.

Oh my.

Was it terrible?