Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm Ba-ack!

This is where I was for the week: Anvil Island in the Howe Sound of British Columbia. Actually, I'm standing on Anvil when I took that picture. The other island you see is called Gambier Island.

Tired. Dirty. Need my own bed.

More tomorrow.


Having a Knit Fitt said...

What a beautiful view. Welcome back from camp.

Reasoning E'Bert said...

It looks lovely. Welcome back.

Lothlorian said...

*waves* hiya honey :)

tracy said...

Gee if you had sent I smoke signals I would have seen them from my house on Bowen! At least we had good weather for most of the time you were at camp!

Madge said...

Welcome back!

Pearl said...

I went to Daybreak camp there, in the 60's!

Lisa W. said...

welcome back! but hey, you've had that pic up since're just a big old knit tease aren't you!

ooh! my word verify is there's an interesting word for you...let your imagination run wild.

seriously, hope you're ok and just suffering from post holiday letdown, laundry and household crap.

SooZ said...

Glad you had a restful time. I keep checking your blog - you must be busy getting caught up in business!

I look forward to an update.

I'm eagerly awaiting more of those stitch markers. =) I see new ones on your Esty since. How they tempt me... and the yarn as well, but I must I must, BUST my stash.

smariek said...

Gorgeous view.

BTW, I've nominated you for the Rockin Girl Blogger award. More info on my blog,