Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Knitting

Over the weekend, I gave the Ribby Cardi a rest and worked on Glampyre Knits Chunky Cabled Cardigan. This is a fun and remarkably easy knit. I already know it's not for me because this is not really my colour, but Glampyre used Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky in her model, and I happened to have just enough of that same yarn in my stash (and just waiting for an opportunity to leave home). Someone who likes this colour will end up with it, and I am 95% certain that I will go on to knit one for myself in one of my favorite colours afterward.

The sweater is worked back and forth in one piece from the top down. This is what I did over the weekend.

The first two pictures were taken in natural light without the flash; this third one was taken with the flash. The true colour is somewhere in between.

I know it must be Monday because I received a white box in the mail from a Thursday order from This is Queensland Collection Uruguay DK, a lovely mix of merino, alpaca, and silk (now who can resist that?).

In the Strange-But-True category, I also know it's Monday because went and offered yet another irresistable Monday yarn that is now nearly all gone, even as I speak. Yesterday, I reminded myself that tomorrow was Monday, and that there would be a new yarn, and that I must not succumb. The Monday yarns seem to be my particular weakness. Okay, I said, preparing myself. What if it is Karabella Aurora? Nope! Not even then. Fine. What if it is Araucania Magallanes? It won't be, I reassured myself firmly.

It was.

I cannot believe it. When I saw the peek last night, and it was Araucania Magallanes I was completely gobsmacked. And so...I have five skeins of Araucania Magallanes on order. I am not making this up.

I posted my "Five Secrets" meme over the weekend, and then I decided to give you a look at the three rogues themselves. The photo was taken in 1969. I am on the left at five years old. Lynn (in the middle) is eight, and Cathy (on the right) is nine.


junior_goddess said...

You wascally wabbits. I am glad I'm not the only one who flooded the floor.

I like your cardi!

Kim said...

I think the cardi looks great and some deserving person will love receiving it. I'm like you, I like doing the pattern once the way it is written so then I can see what I want to change. Sometimes the fun is just in getting to the end but not the finished product.

tracy on bowen island said...

oooh I got some of the Uruguay DK,and the Araucania Magallanes today too! Great minds think alike! I am just finishing the last sleeve on my Blue Sky Cropped Cardi and must go download that Glampypre one you are doing.. I feel like I am stalking your knitting, or I just have the same good taste as you! Those cables look great, even if it is Lion's yarn!

jayne said...

"Stalking your knitting" LOL, Tracy!

I think there is a type of knitter we could call the knit-stalker. I would have to include myself in that group. I see it. I want it. Quite simple. Besides, with all the different knitters out there, there have to be many with very similar taste in yarn, colours, patterns.

Those cables really pop, don't they? They look almost edible. I'm not a huge fan of LB, but I always did like their Wool-Ease products. You'll like knitting this one. It's fun.

tracy on bowen island said...

I downloaded that Bulky Cable pattern and realized I already have yarn for it! I bought at Elann at least 3 years ago, no
more buying sprees this week, sniff... glampyre has some other nice free patterns available for top down sweaters, I really do like doing top down, no seams!!! I won a copy of that debbie bliss alpaca silk book on ebay tonight, I can try out that Lara pattern soon too! See I am too stalking you :) I have checked out the cast-on podcast yet? It really makes walking a pleasure, especially when it is grey, cold and rainy..

Lisa W. said...

cute little top down sweater there Jayne. I have that pattern and the yarn but I was "too big" for bulky yarn and cables for a while there...I'm thinking that might be next on the list...but i'll have to lengthen the waist on it for sure. Love that photo of you and your sisters. You HAVEN'T changed a bit! And I bet you could still have fun being a run around boisterous bed bouncing type!

PS-yeah, it's awful about that puking one time I was an aeronautical engineering major...and planned to be an astronaut...before I knew I was a plane puker!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I missed you yesterday with the hoopla about the Arucanica I am glad to see you got your share. I love the little sweater you are knitting and wish I knew tiny people who could wear them, we are all big people here and use up so much yarn it becomes a major chore!!!

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is contagious. Everything you make, I want to make too! I think the sweater is smashing. Can't wait to see the finished object. kelly