Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tired of Hiding

I am a writer. Among other things that I am and that I enjoy, I am a writer. I have boxes of journals,and myriad computer files, full of poems, observations, essays, and stories about my strange life. Stories that I hope to publish one day. I'm just narcissistic enough to believe that other people might enjoy reading those poems, thoughts, and stories too.

I'm not in a space in my life to pursue publishing at this time, but I miss writing. I miss blogging. I used to share my life here a little...and then I stopped. I stopped mainly because I don't like my family, and I don't like that they can find me here and read things about my life. I'm not talking about my own family -- my husband and kids -- I'm talking about that other family, the one I grew up in. Well, I'm tired of hiding, and I've decided that if I want to write, I'm just going to go ahead and write.

Ten things to know about me:

1. I love my job (I play with string and fluff and beads for a living)
2. I am a hermit
3. I live in a house with The Man, The Boy, The Cupcake, two guinea pigs and a hamster
4. I think of my old family as Oddly, Weary, Milk, and Poach
5. I go to knit night at Black Sheep Yarns in Port Moody
6. I go to church and I love Jesus, and I even believe in all that crazy supernatural resurrection stuff, but only if gay people and bad people and everyone else gets to be there too. Cuz lord knows, I ain't perfect.
7. I wish that Coke and Cheetohs was considered a healthy meal replacement
8. I love movies
9. I don't read the newspaper
10 I have DID (you'll have to look it up). And no, The United States of Tara is not an accurate depiction. Neither is Sybil.

And here's a bonus...I recently returned from a trip to Maui with Man, Boy, and Cupcake. One of the highlights was that we snorkeled a lot and saw giant sea these guys:


ebbandflo said...

:) < = me, smiling

jayne said...

aw...what a sweetie you are :)

Ivywindow said...

Glad to see you back.

Les said...

I've been thinking about you lately, wondering how things are going with you so quiet! Glad that you're writing publicly again!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Delighted to see your work again.

Cheers and regards, Karen

Georgi said...

My favorite is Pepsi and Cheetos, but soda is soda :-)
I am glad to see you back.

Teresa said...

Good for you. I love your yarn, your blog, your etsy shop and am so glad you are back.

YummyYarn said...


I read Sybil when I was 10 or 11 or something. This is perhaps not the most appropriate reading material for a child, even a precocious one.