Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened to my Camera

When digital cameras became popular, I was a holdout. I liked my Pentax "traditional" camera. But when we go on holidays I take a lot of photos. A lot. Like fifteen or twenty rolls worth. I calculated that I could buy quite a nice digital camera for the same cost as one trip's worth of film and processing for the old one. I bought a Kodak EasyShare with a big-ass lens, not one of those cigarette-pack slip into your pocket kind. I bought it a week before a Disneyland trip several years ago. It took fabulous pictures.

Until it didn't.

It fell four inches. I kid you not, four fucking inches, and then refused to work ever again. And it was in its heavily padded case too. We were in our second hour of waiting to get on the new Monsters Inc. ride (which wasn't worth the wait by the way), and the last photo I got was of that big blue monster guy and then the camera went tharn. A quick trip to Target in Orange County to buy a second one, and my anxiety was relieved.

I loved that camera. Future shop refunded our money on the first one, so I was set. That camera took every picture you've ever seen on this blog. Every picture you've ever seen in my yarn shop. Every picture of family fun and pets and general silliness. That camera took the picture of yarny goodness up there at the top of this post.

In Hawaii, I carried that camera into the ocean, stood waist deep in the water, and took shot after shot of my kids and the Man body surfing. I focused on this big wave they were all about to catch. Action shot. And then felt the wave break right over my head and well, right over that camera. It died on the spot. No long lingering good bye.

This time it was a quick trip to Maui Wal-Mart for a replacement with an even bigger-ass lens than before. Great camera! Sucks up so much light that I have to learn to take my yarn pix all over again. I wonder where I will buy my next camera.

Below: pix with new cam of a hat I'm knitting for the Man. I dyed and spun the yarn. It's your basic knit one purl one watchman style hat. The brim will fold up.

PS. Wow, I can't believe that people still read this blog. Cool!


Jeanne said...

Wow - gorgeous yarn and hat...and good luck with the new camera!

ebbandflo said...

i read very sloooooooowly .......

good luck with the new camera though i look forward to the next instalment of "how i buggered up my camera"

or is 'buggered' not a suitable word for a canadian blog (forgive me, my anglo saxon celtic roots are showing)

PS: also have new camera, size of cigarette packet, kicks ass ....

islandknitter said...

yeah, I can bookmark your blog again! Welcome back..... I will be at Place des Arts for Dye Pot Club on Friday, if you can, come play!

jayne said...

Buggered is a perfectly good word

I also like "bollocks"

ebbandflo said...

bollocks are (is?) a fave of mine

Teresa said...

Cameras and cell phones are very temperamental. Looks like the new camera takes great pictures as well.