Sunday, November 09, 2008

Haven't Forgotten How To Knit

See! I can still knit!

A new LYS opened up here in Port Moody, and they have a Monday evening knit night. So every Monday, I pack up my Namaste bag for a couple of hours of stitchin' and bitchin'. This means that I actually do knit for a few hours a week, and I've been enjoying that, so I have been knitting on other days too.

I decided to work on one new (natch) project and get it completely finished before looking back at all the other unfinished knit business that has been languishing in drawers, baskets and bins.

I'm knitting Chicknits Twist -- and looky! The back, two sleeves, and part of the left front are all done:

The pattern is easy without being boring, and I love the yarn I'm using. It's an elann bag yarn, a superwash merino/bamboo blend that came out semi-solid in the dye job, so elann sold it off in bags of ten for extravagantly low prices. I think it sold out in 90 seconds. Mine is a deep espresso brown that makes me feel happy while I knit.

Yes, the next thing in line is to finish off the top down cardi I'm knitting in hand-dyed handspun yarn. I did most of the body and all of the sleeves, including sewing and blocking to this point:

I need to do something to finish off the body and then some kind of button bands, and then it is done.


Libby said...


Its good to see you back! Not that I can talk because I'm just "back" myself. LOL I never properly thanked you for the lovely skein of yarn you sent me. I adore it and plan to make a hat for myself for the winter. Which believe it or not is here. We got snow this morning!


jayne said...

Hey, Libs!

Whoa...snow...we've had rain rain rain rain rain rain rain and more rain.

YVW for the yarn :)