Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Coolest Stitch Markers Ever

In my travels through the land of Etsy, I've recently discovered, and fallen in love with, the style known as Steampunk. If you go to Etsy and search "steampunk," you will find all kinds of intriguing pieces, put together with love and old junk. Funky old junk. And when I say junk, I mean it in the most affectionate way. We're not talking about trash.

I started getting ideas in my head about how this might work with stitch markers. I imagined a cluster of unique markers that could be slipped on and off an aged chain. I imagined something I could wear that would capture that steampunk sensibility, but that would be practical and useful at the same time.

Then I went to all my favorite beaderies and used-stuff shops. I dug through my old bead box. I hunted supplies at etsy, and lo, the idea became this:

Yes, they are super cool. Yes, they are available in my shop. I kept a set for myself, and I love them! And yes, there will be variations on the theme available as I continue to dream them up.


Zuleika said...

What a great idea and extremely cool! They should sell really well. :-)

jayne said...


BabyLongLegs said...

I love them, they are random yet not, if you kwim...hehehe

Great job, Mrs Dyein' Diva :)

Sarah xXx

jayne said...

Zuzactly, babylonglegs :)